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A Master of Arts degree is a graduate degree for students who, having completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, wish to further their studies and gain added proficiency in their chosen field. Masters students typically complete their degrees within two years. Many programs require a master’s thesis or research project on a topic chosen by the student as a way to demonstrate expert understanding of the academic material.

What is an MA in Computer Engineering? This program will immerse students in the thorough exploration of what it means to become a computer engineer. Coursework may include specialization in computer architecture, advanced coding theory, and circuit design. Students must have previous experience with computer programming language and be ready to dive into the particulars of cloud computing, mobile applications, and systems analysis and design. Other elective topics could be designing software or addressing cyber security and cryptography. Many programs include practicum requirements in which students demonstrate their excellent skills in project-intensive courses.  

As students complete an MA in Computer Engineering, they prepare themselves to increase their salaries and career options for the workplace. Some may choose to pursue a doctorate in computer engineering or other related fields. Graduates are candidates to be leaders in their companies with thorough knowledge of computer systems design.

The tuition and fees associated with obtaining a Master of Arts can vary widely depending on the prestige of the program and the location of the school. For precise costs, one should consult with the admissions office of the chosen institution.

Master of Arts graduates in computer engineering are ready for technically demanding careers in research, government, and industry. Careers in areas such as mobile technology, computer technology, software and hardware architecture, and social media will be available to those with higher education and training. If graduates desire, they may pursue doctoral degrees in computers or related fields and thereby prepare to guide and mentor the individuals who will be at the cutting edge of technological advances in computer programming and design.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, consider applying to graduate school today. Many programs are flexible for continuing education scholars who may wish to complete some programs online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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