Masters of Arts in Civil Engineering

A Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree that many students pursue after finishing their undergraduate studies. A typical MA program takes around two years, though this varies by student, institution and specialization. By completing this degree program, students can build on their expertise in a given field through in-depth research and analysis.

What is an MA in Civil Engineering? Students who complete this program have the knowledge needed to design, maintain or oversee the construction of structures and systems that provide services to the public, such as buildings, transportation systems, power plants, recycling facilities and water purification plants. Students usually learn about topics such as dynamics, acoustics, materials, structures, computation mechanics and experimental mechanics. Often, students can choose specialized courses that delve more deeply into any of these topics.

Securing this degree can give students a competitive advantage in an industry that is expected to experience above-average growth for several more years. This program also allows students to improve their marketability by developing knowledge of specialized subdisciplines, such as earthquake or environmental engineering.

The cost of earning an MA in Civil Engineering can be difficult to predict, as each university establishes distinct tuition and fee rates. Factors such as regional location and program length may also affect cost. Students can more accurately evaluate program costs by identifying the institutions that they are interested in and speaking with a representative from each one.

Following graduation, degree holders are qualified to take on diverse projects, from creating new infrastructure to improving the functionality of existing structures. Graduates may work directly as design engineers for the government or for private firms. They also may serve as consultants to the same entities, either as individual freelancers or as members of an engineering consulting firm. Graduates may also supervise construction processes or hold administrative positions.

Students can complete the coursework for this Master of Arts degree through traditional classes or online. Students who are interested in saving money and avoiding relocation may benefit from virtual programs. Learning more about these programs is simple. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice.



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