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Students who have received an undergraduate degree in liberal arts and wish to advance in a particular field of study often go on to study in an MA, or Master of Arts, program. This degree is usually awarded after one to two years of study.

What is an MA in Business English? This advanced degree can help graduates improve their ability to communicate in the English language and be attentive to the nuances of business communication specifically. Course study may include learning how to communicate effectively within organizations at the various levels, such as within a team or to staff members and upper management; how to research effectively and communicate the results of that research; and how to analyze and think critically to present information in a confident and appropriate manner.

The ability to analyze information and communicate effectively can help graduates improve both their personal and professional expression. The English-language focus of the degree can help students who are from non-English speaking countries work with European and North American businesses, enhancing language skills.

The cost of achieving an MA or Master of Arts can vary greatly, depending on where one chooses to study. In addition to per-unit costs for classes, there may be additional fees, such as for registration and examinations, that should be taken into consideration.

Graduates with an MA in Business English may find work in public relations or corporate communications as researchers, publicists, writers or editors. Other career options can include copywriter at an advertising agency or as a reporter or correspondent covering business-related stories of interest for a newspaper or television station. With the appropriate experience or specialized courses, a career as a marketing communications manager or director may also be a possibility.

Master of Arts programs can be found in countries throughout the world, many of which offer online-based degrees. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master's in English Linguistics for International Business Communication

National research Ogarev Mordovia State University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 Russia Saransk

The Master’s degree program is tailored to provide the students with adequate knowledge in methodological, theoretical and experimental aspects of the communication process in various spheres of public life and business. [+]

English Linguistics in International Business Communication

The Master’s degree program with a specialization in Foreign Languages in International Business Communication at the Foreign Languages Department of the Ogarev Mordovia State University is aimed at teaching students the ability to build and maintain relationships between business organizations, companies, and the public. It is tailored to provide the students with adequate knowledge in methodological, theoretical and experimental aspects of the communication process research in various spheres of public life and business.

Recipients of the degree will be able to analyze linguistic, psycho-linguistic aspects of intrapersonal, interpersonal and business communication as well as principles of speech and public speaking practice: principles of creating theoretically organized texts of different genres; theoretical principles and methods of translating various types of business documentation.... [-]

Master of Arts in English for the Professions

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of English
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years September 2018 Hong Kong

This programme is designed for practising professionals who hold positions of responsibility. It provides you with a critical awareness of how communication functions in organizations to approach demanding managerial tasks with confidence. [+]

This credit-based programme, offered by the Department of English, is intended for professionals of all disciplines who wish to upgrade their qualifications in English for professional contexts. It is designed primarily for middle-level managerial staff who need to demonstrate a high level of communicative competence in English in situations relevant to their personal needs. The Programme will enable students to communicate effectively, appropriately and confidently in managerial tasks requiring a high level of English.

The aim of the Programme is to equip graduates with an understanding of the concepts and skills that underlie the use of English in professional contexts. These include:... [-]