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A Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree that enables students to further their competence in a chosen branch of study. In some cases, the degree may be research based, and some programs will require a thesis to be completed for graduation.

What is an MA in Biology? A master’s degree in biology allows for deeper study into life science, of which a number of branches can be selected. Biology in general is concerned with the structure, growth, evolution and function of living organisms and the cells that make them up. In a postgraduate program, you can focus your degree further by choosing electives of interest such as wildlife biology, environment, medicine, pharmaceuticals, ethnobiology, ethnobotany and biomolecular sciences. This degree is also a steppingstone to medical doctorates.

Biology is one of those undergraduate degrees for which a master’s degree is required in order to make the most out of employment opportunities. Further study also helps to command a higher salary.

The cost of your master’s degree in biology will depend on which institution you choose and how long the particular course of study is. You can help defray some costs by choosing a program that is based online. Prospective students should research schools thoroughly to find out more about tuition and other associated fees.

An MA in Biology prepares graduates for many careers, which will be dependent on the particular focus that was taken during the program. Among the possible employment opportunities include professor, epidemiologist, physician’s assistant, research scientist, environmental scientist and laboratory manager. These focuses can also be further broken down. For example, as a researcher, you could choose biology or biomedical. With biology, you will research plants or animals and can further refine that to a type such as marine biology. With biomedical research, you can look at anatomy, kinesiology, virology and immunology, just to name a few. You may also focus on education, science writing, sales or management.

You will find master’s degrees in biology offered by several institutions worldwide, either on campus or online. Studying via the Internet allows far greater flexibility, so you can study when you have time and can really pay attention to the material. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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