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Students who are looking to further their education after earning a bachelor’s degree may want to pursue an MA, or Master of Arts. This postgraduate program furthers the knowledge and skills in a particular field of study, which can open up the doors to more job opportunities.

You may be wondering, what is an MA in Automotive Engineering? In general, this program deals with the creation of small and big automobiles. Students usually have an undergraduate science degree and learn how to use electronic, safety, and mechanical engineering to design and run motorbikes, buses, trucks, cars, and more. They also gain the skill set to build, repair, and test vehicles. Specific programs will vary, but students often undertake activities and projects in cooperation with the community and industry to solve real life problems.

Improving your earning potential is just one of the benefits to getting a Master in Automotive Engineering. Students gain professional and personal skills that can help differentiate them from their undergraduate peers, which may also assist them in finding the perfect employment opportunity.

The costs associated with earning a Master in Automotive Engineering will vary quite a bit. Because there are multiple international opportunities, factors involved include school location, length of the program, and specific program requirements. It is best to get a hold of the schools directly to find out what to expect financially.

There are a number of career options for positions in design and development. Graduates may pursue a career in production management, design and development engineering, software and test engineering, sales engineering, applied research, and customer service. Industries that are looking for employees with a Master in Automotive Engineering include automotive systems, aviation, green engineering, energy and transport, and transportation design.

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Art Center College of Design

Students of Art Center’s Graduate Program in Transportation Design will help change the thinking of the automotive industry and the wider field of transportation and pers ... [+]

Master of Fine Arts in Transportation DesignStudents of Art Center’s Graduate Program in Transportation Design will help change the thinking of the automotive industry and the wider field of transportation and personal mobility.The program will offer a choice of two tracks: the Vehicle Track and the Transportation Systems track.The Vehicle Track will be for those who wish to enter or re-enter the vehicle manufacturing industry and who are motivated to use creativity and strategic thinking beyond the sketchpad.The Transportation Systems track will be for those who are motivated to use design and systems thinking to create better transportation solutions at a systems level rather than at a product level.There is growing recognition within business and industry that designers bring important value well beyond product and service development. Therefore, both tracks of our program are a curricular mix of design methodology, strategic innovation, systems thinking, customer-driven research and superior communication skills. This, combined with a specialist knowledge and understanding of the respective fields, will equip graduates to become agents of change across a broad transportation landscape.Our program is a unique resource of creative leadership for all vehicle manufacturers as well as organizations and agencies responsible for planning, implementing and delivering complex transportation systems solutions for national, state and local use.Our program will flourish with a diverse student population. Vehicle Track students will come with strong transportation design skills. The Transportation Systems track will welcome students with prior degrees in subjects such as design, architecture, urban planning, business administration, engineering, anthropology or... [-]

USA Pasadena Santa Barbara
September 2019
2 - 3 years