Master of Art Degrees in Auditing

If you've obtained a bachelor's degree in any subject, then you are eligible for a master's degree. Some Master of Arts programs stipulate that your undergraduate degree relate directly to the master's degree you'd like to pursue, so it's often a good idea to know your intentions before completing your bachelor's degree. You'll be better able to direct your course of study to get the education you need for the career you wish to explore.

What is an MA in Auditing? Students take courses in financial analysis and reporting, taxation, business law, advanced accounting, and economics. To keep up with modern practices, students also learn how to use advanced software that current professionals already use to analyze financial data. This program requires intensive study, so some schools require that students hold undergraduate degrees in accounting or business and/or a passing score on the GMAT or GRE. Be aware of these prerequisites before applying. Most Master of Arts in Auditing degrees can be earned in just two years.

A master’s degree in auditing helps students perfect their problem-solving and critical thinking skills by providing intense yet rewarding challenges. Graduate schools also have internship and work-study opportunities that are few and far between in undergraduate school, so you begin earning relevant experience while still working toward your degree.

How much you pay for this degree depends largely on the institution you choose. International options are available as well. See what scholarship or financial aid programs are available if you're concerned about financing your education.

Careers for individuals holding an MA in Auditing are on the rise, so job prospects should be plentiful in the coming years. Graduates have the option of working as internal auditors or external auditors. Internal auditors work within a company and perform quality control for financial records and tax preparation. Businesses may also outsource their accounting needs to companies that employ external auditors, meaning external auditors will work with many different businesses. If you qualify to take an exam, you may also become a certified auditor, which will open you up to even more opportunities.

Online programs often adapt coursework from the classroom into streamed lectures, videos and downloadable study guides. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Master of Arts in Audit and Risk Management

Social Sciences University Of Ankara
Sep 2021

Master of Arts in Audit and Risk Management, the first post-graduate program that brings a holistic approach to the fields of auditing and risk management, is offered directly ...

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