2 Master of Art Programs in Animal Science

For many, the Master of Arts (MA) is the logical progression from their bachelor’s degree. A Master of Arts may open new opportunities that are unavailable for those holding only a bachelor’s degree.

What is an MA in Animal Science? Those pursuing this degree draw on the fields of biology and management. Students may focus on careers in the animal industry, laboratory studies or the training of companion animals. Management focuses come into play when students delve into the fields of animal events and sports. Courses in animal science often involve collaboration with other students as well as individual presentations, working toward actual practice in the field of animal science.

Pursuing an MA in Animal Science provides students with skills they can use the rest of their lives. One such skill would be strategic thinking; as they create strategies for the future of the animal industry, they may also learn to strategize events in their own lives. In addition, skills such as sports marketing and animal management open new avenues of career exploration for enterprising students.

Depending on the country and school chosen, the cost of pursuing a master's degree in animal science may vary. As each school has a unique program, students are encouraged to research the cost of their preferred program to make sure it is in line with their plans.

A variety of careers are open to someone who earns an MA in Animal Science. Though these usually involve working directly with animals, some careers may branch out from skills learned. For example, an education in management techniques could lead a student to become a business manager. Graduates often go on to manage farms or ranches. Other graduates focus on veterinary medicine to become practicing veterinarians. Still others may choose to keep their focus in pure science and become animal scientists, studying areas of biology and medicine to support other sectors of the animal industry.

On-campus and online courses are available for students seeking a Master's in Animal Science. Online classes may be particularly beneficial by allowing for flexibility in location and time. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MA in Equine Business Management

Hartpury College, University of West England

Through a combination of core pure business modules developed by the well-respected Bristol Business School and equine business specific modules, these programmes

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MA Program in Animal Behavior and Conservation

Hunter College
Sep 2021

This 36-credit program prepares students interested in animal behavior and conservation (ABC) to develop and enhance their research skills and create an understanding of the b ...

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