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American studies is a section of academia that focuses on the culture, history, and societies in the Americas. Degrees in this field are best pursued by students seeking to further their knowledge of topics relating to the Americas and their inhabitants.

Europe, one of the world's seven continents, is usually known as the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. Second smallest continent, with 10,180,000 (km2), the area regroups 50 countries.

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MA in North American Studies: Culture and Literature

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg FAU
Campus Full-time 4 semesters October 2019 Germany Nuremberg

A research-oriented MA program with an area-specific profile in which cultural and literary developments in the USA, Canada, and the Anglophone Caribbean are analyzed

Master of Arts in American Studies (History)

University of Amsterdam
Campus Full-time Part-time 12 months September 2019 Netherlands Amsterdam + 1 more

In the one-year Master's programme in American Studies you explore the history of the United States and its political, cultural, economic and military presence in the world, with an eye toward America in the world today.

MA in American Studies

University of Groningen
Campus Full-time 12 months September 2019 Netherlands Groningen

The one-year, interdisciplinary and fully English taught Master program in American Studies offers exciting research seminars chosen from a wide range of theoretical, historical, social-political and cultural approaches to the Americas.

MA in North American Studies

Leiden University
Campus Full-time 1 year February 2020 Netherlands Leiden The Hague + 1 more

This master's takes an integrated approach to the study of U.S. history, culture, and literature and its influence on contemporary social, political and cultural developments.

Master of Arts in English and American Studies (EAS)

University of Turin
Campus Full-time 2 years October 2019 Italy Turin

The 2-year MA program (Laurea Magistrale) in English and American Studies at the University of Torino is a graduate program in the humanities focusing on English and North American language/linguistics, literature and cultures, analyzed in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

Master of Arts in American studies

University of Southern Denmark
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Denmark Odense

American Studies is a two year MA program that focuses on the world's leading superpower. It looks at culture, politics, economics, literature, and society in a country of more than 300 million inhabitants in fifty distinct states.

Master in American Politics and Foreign Policy

UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 2 years September 2019 Ireland Dublin + 1 more

The MA in American Politics and Foreign Policy encourages students to comprehend the how and why of the subject. Throughout the modules, you will encounter diverse perspectives but the main emphasis will be upon scholarly and/or policy-oriented readings and discussions.

Master of Arts in American Studies

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU)
Campus Full-time 4 semesters October 2019 Germany Mainz

The American Studies Master’s Program is designed to emphasize research-oriented perspectives on American language, literature, culture, and their theories. It builds upon the B.A. program in American Studies at Mainz University but also welcomes applications of students from American Studies programs in Germany, Europe, and other parts of the world.

MA US Politics

Keele University
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 2 years September 2019 United Kingdom Keele + 1 more

The USA is wrestling with its changed status in a multi-polar world, but it remains a vital force in international politics and a source of fascination to outside observers. Domestically, its politics are driven by competition between its parties and contentious debates across a whole range of policy areas. As the players in Washington DC and the statehouses struggle for power and the media reflect an increasingly coarse and strident form of politics, the American public has become more frustrated.

MA in North American Studies

Radboud University
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 Netherlands Nijmegen

The world loves American culture, but is deeply distrustful of American power and politics. In Radboud University we offer critical insights into both.

M.A. North and Latin American Studies

University of Passau
Campus Full-time 4 - 6 semesters October 2019 Germany Passau

The Master of Arts programme in North and Latin American Studies combines North American and Latin American Studies into a single and unique syllabus which draws from a variety of academic disciplines and gives its students profound insight into the two Americas as distinct entities, as well as their global ties and relations. This answers to a rising demand for graduates with a broad academic background and specific knowledge of America, particularly at a time when North and South are growing together on many levels, while the gap between Europe and America is widening