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Many higher learning institutions offer a Master of Arts (MA) in fields of study involving the performing and fine arts. It is awarded to students who have delved into complex courses and in-class work experience. In addition, those earning a higher degree tend to have a better understanding of the discipline and typically earn more in the workforce.

What is an MA in Accessories Design? In this line of study, you will learn about the different aspects involved in designing, creating and marketing items such as handbags, shoes and jewelry. You will have the opportunity to study trends in design, develop new ideas, and learn how to communicate your style to potential buyers. You may have hands-on experience making patterns and creating prototypes. You can learn to write a business plan and how to find partners.

While working on a Master in Accessories Design, you may work with professionals who have already experienced real-world success. This can help you be better prepared to launch your own fashion or textile career. Instead of hoping that your ideas are marketable, you can learn how to make them so.

Earning a master’s degree can take several hundred hours of coursework. Each program is different, so contact your school of choice to determine the tuition cost and to find out about scholarship opportunities.

Graduates can expect to find success in careers as fashion and textile designers. You can work independently to create your own brand or labor with established companies. Your studies and experience can help prepare you to work as a manager for either shoe or accessory production lines. Fashion houses that create products like scarves and shoes can appreciate your expert knowledge and put you to work designing and making products.

Sign up today to launch your dream of a future in the fashion industry. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Middlesex University London

The best contemporary jewellery combines excellent craftsmanship with strong conceptual and critical thinking. This stimulating new course will expand your approach to je ... [+]

Why study MA Jewellery Futures at Middlesex?

At Middlesex we take a highly practical and critical approach to Jewellery that ensures that you spend the majority of your postgraduate study researching and making. This combination of in-depth analysis and hands-on experience will enable you to draw on a diverse range of expertise and resources while questioning and developing your practice in a contemporary context for a stimulating and successful career.Based in our University's £80 million Art and Design School, our course features state-of-the-art facilities with dedicated studio space for each of our MA students to ensure that we cater for a diverse range of interests and ambitions. With opportunities to collaborate with students from across the School, you'll be part of a supportive and interdisciplinary environment of artists who are shaping the future of creative industries worldwide with their award-winning, innovative work.... [-]

United Kingdom London UK Online
October 2019
1 - 2 years
Royal College of Art

Jewellery & Metal (J&M) forms part of the School of Material. Within this context, we are committed to exploring the rich and diverse field of adornment and objec ... [+]

About the Programme

Jewellery & Metal (J&M) forms part of the School of Material. Within this context, we are committed to exploring the rich and diverse field of adornment and object culture. We encourage an open-minded approach that in principle embraces all materials. But it is metal that constitutes the technological core of our subject and we believe that a deepening understanding of the metal elements is key in these developments; the Periodic Table is our reference in expanding our activity within the subjects of jewellery and metalwork.

The attitude of Jewellery & Metal has shifted from a purely object-centred focus to a wider scope, questioning and exploring issues centred on the human condition. We are responsive to the rapidly changing social and cultural landscape and draw on history and technology in nurturing intellectual and creative skills directed at understanding and pushing forward jewellery and objects of human making. The rich and extensive bodies of knowledge associated with object-making and jewellery underpin an approach that is outward-looking, open to the wider discourse on commodity objects, connecting to contemporary life.... [-]

United Kingdom London
October 2019
2 years