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Program Description

Programme Overview

  • This programme is designed for students with a background in Theology or a related area (plus a proficiency in Hebrew and Greek for the specialisation in Biblical Exegesis)
  • Gain skills in analysing the central concepts and practices of faith in order to contribute to the implementation of tasks in theology; and conduct scientific research on a topic within your specialisation
  • You will gain insights to the broad range of theological study, and, depending on your specialisation, focus on theology from a literary, historical, practical or systematic standpoint
  • Prepare yourself for a career in spiritaul care, policy making, education or research

Why study Theology at Radboud University?

Radboud University's theology programme is among the best in the world, and was ranked within the top-50 programmes world-wide. We like to think our success comes from our diversity: three quarters of graduates come from abroad, and we cooperate with an extensive network of universities worldwide.

The Master's programme in Theology works closely with the Research Institute for Religious Studies and Theology, and gives students the opportunity to develop their own research ideas alongside personal tutors and excellent researchers as guides.

Furthermore, students at Radboud are encouraged to take a multidisciplinary approach to their studies, incorporating ideas from other fields, which means students will be able to examine ideas that they are passionate about. We also encourage students to be critical, socially involved thinkers.

What will you learn?

Depending on your specialisation, you will explore Christianity's place in society. Whether you study the historical developments of Christian tradition, or the meaning and interpretation behind foundational texts, you will trace a line from core Biblical concepts to current understandings.

You can also take a more contemporary approach, examining theological theory and the dynamics of the personal, inter-group, and organizational levels of lived religion; or study the relevance of Christian doctrine in today's society.


  • Biblical Exegesis
    How is meaning attributed to biblical texts? By following the Master’s specialisation in Biblical Exegesis you will be well-equipped with analytical instruments to discern the crucial decision points in giving meaning in a text. Core concepts in Bible texts are explored in connection to their cultural and historical context.
  • History of Church and Theology
    Analyse historical developments of Christian traditions and discipline, to better understand Christian belief in contemporary society. This specialisation combines the study of the history of Christianity with the study of the juridical system of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Practical Theology
    Search for traces of meaning in everyday practices, and look beyond traditional shapes of religiosity. Students are introduced in theological theory-building to understand the dynamics and meaning of lived religion at a personal level, inter-group relations, organisational and societal level.
  • Systematic Theology
    What is the public relevance of Christian beliefs and doctrines in today’s society? Systematic theology deals in general with the meaning and implications of Christian doctrines. At Radboud University we add the unique focus of public theology. Public theologyis about drawing on the compassionate values and insights of the Christian faith to contribute to the welfare of society.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this programme could find work as:

  • Theological leaders
  • Researchers
  • Educators
  • Care workers
  • Spiritiual counselors
  • Communication professionals
  • Writers

Admission requirements

As an international student, your prior education must meet certain requirements.

1. A completed Bachelor's degree in Theology or related area.

2. A proficiency in Hebrew and Greek (only for the Master's specialisation in Biblical Exegesis)

In order to take part in this programme, you need to have a basic knowledge Hebrew and Greek. Students need to be able to show, in the form of successfully completed electives or degrees that they have the required proficiency.

Language Requirements

In order to take part in this programme, you need to have fluency in both written and spoken English. Non-native speakers of English* without a Dutch Bachelor's degree or VWO diploma need one of the following:

  • A TOEFL score of ≥575 (paper based) or ≥90 (internet based)
  • An IELTS score of ≥6.5
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) with a mark of C or higher

* Applicants are considered to be a native speaker of English if they are from Australia, Canada (with exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA or South Africa.


Programmes starting in September

  • Non-EEA students: 1 April
  • EEA students: 1 May

Programmes starting in February

  • Non-EEA students: 1 November
  • EEA students: 1 December

Quality label

Both the Keuzegids Masters and the Bachelor’s programme information guide Keuzegids Universiteiten have now designated Radboud University as the ‘Best General University’ in the Netherlands.

Last updated Oct 2019

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