MA in Strategic Management in Global Communication

Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull

Program Description

MA in Strategic Management in Global Communication

Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull

This Masters Degree is the first of its kind in Europe. The program gives students the opportunity to study and understand management principles of communication inherent in companies and organizations operating within the international arena, with emphasis on successful application of the strategic tools of communication and public relations and public affairs.

The course is taught exclusively in English, with a faculty of renowned teachers shared with U.S., UK and the rest of Europe. The content of the program responds to the growing demand of a global sector. The master gathers the tendencies set by the leading communication and public relations agencies and consultancies in the world, and also responds to the needs of the large multinationals, who demand global communication projects, but who have both an identity and local roots.

The phenomenon of globalization presents daunting challenges. Corporations and institutions must craft communication strategies and tactics to satisfy a global public, yet also fine-tune such efforts to complement and meet the needs and objectives of their local audiences.

On one hand, Barcelona, the hub of the Mediterranean sea, is a confluence of cultures: Asian, American, South American and European- which provide different prisms and perspectives for students. On the other hand, Barcelona is one of the cities with the greatest commercial activity in the Mediterranean and the capital of business congresses in Europe. Likewise, it is considered one of the cities with the highest educational quality in management and business matters.

This master’s degree responds to all these demands with a group of recognized professionals, who come from different sectors -institutional, academic and business-, who in turn live in realities of diverse management.

Therefore, we have invited experts from all over the world – United States, Europe, India, Australia … -, strategic communication management authorities, who will participate actively in the master’s degree, in some cases by video conference. The master’s degree is, therefore, an exceptional training opportunity for students and professionals from all over who want to make a stay in our city.


The MA Program will focus on providing students with the following skills:

  • The analysis methodology, strategies, and techniques suitable for the assessment and management of corporate communication and public relations, public affairs and public diplomacy efforts in multinational companies, NGOs, governments, and stakeholders.
  • The theoretical resources and strategies for effective management of organizational communication challenges and crises scenarios within internal and external contexts at the local and global levels.
  • The principles required to develop and carry out campaigns and programs of social responsibility within the local and global context.
  • Tools for research, design, and implementation of risk management tactics to prevent and to solve crises to safeguard the reputation of the organization or entities.
  • The creation, management, and motivation of teams to conduct effective strategic communication projects in the international arena, either in terms of public relations, issues management, and brand management or institutional relationships.


The curriculum of the MA - Strategic Management in Global Communication is a product of both academic and professional perspectives and input and represents the most current thinking and research in this vital area. The Master has a world-renowned faculty of academics and working professionals with expertise in the foundations of the program.

The academic program blends theory and practice thereby providing students the necessary leadership tools needed for success in strategic communication.

Theoretical perspectives and outlooks will be complemented by case studies, and special seminars will focus on relevant topics that reflect actual cases – past and current that require students to apply principles and insights taught in the program.

In addition to the classroom activities, the MA program will visit companies and institutions in the field of strategic communication and public relations and public affairs. Such activities include:

  • On one hand, visiting international companies operating from the area of influence of Barcelona, either because they have central services here or because they have an international unit for the development and analysis of some aspect related to communication.
  • GLOBCOM Working Conference. Students have the option of participating in the GlobCom Working Conference. We will meet strategic advisors from the political and corporate sphere located in the city of Boston, Washington and New York. There will be classes and visits to companies and institutions of the US Public Administration, with opportunities for work experiences.

Potential Careers

  • Chief Communication Officer
  • Global PR and Communication Hub Director
  • Global Corporate Communication Director
  • Executive Manager in Strategic Communication
  • Global Communication Strategist Consultant
  • International Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Officer
  • Global Crisis Manager Office
  • Corporate Government Manager

Business Focus

  • Taught by scholars and industry professionals
  • Collaborations with companies and institutions
  • Best professional practices
  • Networking business promotion

Excellent Training

  • Programs of professional specialization
  • Immersion in the materials, strategies, and tactics of high demand in the marketplace
  • Job opportunities and networking after graduation
  • Professionals career path

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2019
1 year
Full time
13,500 EUR
Discount form former students Faculty alumni Degree will be entitled to a 7% discount of the registration fee.
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
Start date : Oct. 2019
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End date July 31, 2019
Oct. 2019
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
Application deadline Request Info
End date July 31, 2019