MA in Publishing


Program Description

A postgraduate Publishing degree at Roehampton provides industry-relevant training, designed to develop your skills and knowledge for a career in the publishing industry, as well as other sectors where media savvy and transferable communication skills are crucial.

Our MA Publishing degree is taught by people with first-hand knowledge of publishing best practice and cutting edge research, complemented by sessions with visiting industry professionals who bring with them current ideas and networking opportunities.

This Publishing course focuses on publishing as a professional practice. You will be exposed to a range of sectors, including trade, professional, academic and children's publishing, and will cover the supply chain from editorial work, marketing and intellectual property to distribution and reader engagement.

The digital dimensions of publishing practice are firmly embedded in all parts of the degree, as they are in reality, alongside an international perspective, which is essential in a global, export-led industry.

We help you to understand both big-picture trends and strategic challenges in a time of technological change, as well as specific areas of professional expertise with immediate application. In the specialist options you can tailor your degree to your personal interests and career requirements, focusing, for example on editing and project management, creative arts in the community with a focus on YA readers, career preparation, and research and archival skills.

The dissertation offers two different routes. You can choose from a research essay through which you will develop vital, up-to-date business intelligence that is valued and recognised by the industry, or a practical project, working in groups to create a magazine that showcases your work.

Our partnerships with London arts organisations such as the Battersea Arts Centre provides a hands-on experience as part of your course, and whilst studying with us you will have the chance to engage with our very own in-house publisher, Fincham Press.

The skills and knowledge you will gain on this programme will benefit you in your career, whether it is directly in publishing, or bringing publishing skills to other organisations. For those interested in a further academic career, it lays the groundwork for advanced study and research.


You will take two core modules, Publishing Contexts and Publishing Skills that will help you understand both big-picture trends and strategic challenges, as well as developing your professional expertise.

You will be able to choose specialist options, allowing you to tailor your degree to your own interests and career requirements. Options include Dimensions of Editing, which provides contextualised training by experiences professionals; Creative Arts in the Community, which has a focus on children and young adult readers and is taught in conjunction with the Battersea Arts Centre, and Professional Placement.


Compulsory modules

  • Publishing Contexts
  • Publishing Skills
  • Publishing Dissertation OR Journalism Project

Optional modules

  • Dimensions of Editing
  • Professional Placement
  • Print Culture
  • Creative Arts in the Community
  • Archives

Compulsory and Required modules

Compulsory and/or required modules may change when we review and update programmes. Above is a list of modules offered this academic year.

Optional modules

Optional modules, when offered as part of a programme, may vary from year to year and are subject to viability.

Career options

Potential careers for graduates include; publishing, publication management, editorial acquisition, copyediting, developmental editing, literary representation, marketing, copywriting, digital content editing, print production, distribution, bookselling, copyright and licensing management. Skills are transferable to any organisation requiring publishing skills.

Last updated Jan 2020

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