MA in Political Science and Political Communication

Tel Aviv University

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MA in Political Science and Political Communication

Tel Aviv University

MA in Political Science and Political Communication

The MA Program "Political Science and Political Communication" is a high-quality graduate program that focuses on the dynamics and complexities of politics in the global age. The program grants an M.A. in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. The Political Science Department stands out in the study of political leadership, political communication, electoral systems and behavior and is the home of the Israel National Election Studies.

The program provides students with advanced knowledge, understanding and tools of analysis in a world characterized by growing fusion between politics and communication. The program provides a broad comparative perspective of the challenges of leaders in the communicative age, and their relations with voters' expectations throughout their term and especially in election times.

Educational tours and meetings with political leaders, prominent journalists and election specialists are incorporated into the curriculum.

Students come from all over the world and are encouraged to take up internship and other extra-curricular activities during an exciting year stay in Israel.

Career Options

The International MA in Political Science & Political Communication can be an important step into building your career. It gives the necessary tools to gather and process knowledge in various fields. Following are a few of the career choices which are open to our graduates:

  • Leading Scholars
  • Campaign Managers
  • Lobbyists
  • Political Consultants
  • Press Secretaries
  • Journalists
  • News Editors
  • Diplomatic Representatives
  • Parliamentary Assistants
  • Public Relations Consultants
  • Political Analysts
  • Election Consultants
  • Managers in Civic Associations


  • Beate Mikkelsen (Norway), Program Graduate, 2012

It is without a doubt that the experience in the program led me to pursue my dream job that I posit today as Press and Information Officer at the Israeli Embassy in Oslo, Norway.

I chose to study in Israel as I wanted to learn about the country that is constantly in the media headlines. This program particularly appealed to me due to my interest in international politics and the central role that communication play in today's democracies and diplomatic relations. The fact that it is a one year, intensive program that combines theory and practice suited me well.

The academic and social experience is diverse and colorful. As a student in this program you get to meet, discuss and experience with people from all over the world. This is an important and enriching experience that will challenge your beliefs and perceptions.

Being part of the program gave me insightful knowledge and understanding on both the theoretical and practical level. Studying at Tel Aviv University also provided opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities, seminars and lectures all of which gave me interesting connections. It is without a doubt that this experience led me to pursue my dream job that I posit today as Press and Information Officer at the Israeli Embassy in Oslo, Norway.

  • Kincino Aramis Hernandes Melgar (Mexico), Program graduate (2012)

Why is the International MA Program in Political Science & Political Communication in Tel Aviv University is a strong option for any international student? In a few words: academic excellence, a practical approach on politics, networking and internship oportunities. Having the Mediterranean beaches 15 minutes from campus and living in one of the hottest cities in the world is also important!

Tel Aviv University is a first-class world-renowned institution and the program is not only theoretically rigorous, but also teaches real-world applications. The mixture of theory and practice gives us the skills necessary for making real impact in research or a future professional career..for me, the program facilitated application for an internship position at a think thank based in Jerusalem which was looking ex professo for the quality in research and analysis that this program provides.

Living in Tel Aviv one can always avoid perfunctory routines, even in a demanding graduate program: I have had the opportunity to travel, making friends from the five continents, start learning Hebrew, enjoying an ample cultural offering, going to the Israeli Opera one day, to the new hot-spot in town the other, or simply take the fields of the White City."

  • Jacqueline Kelly (USA), Program graduate (2013)

My experience being a part of the International Master in Political Science and Political Communication program has given me a lifetime of opportunities and experiences. It enabled me to take part in fascinating internships, attend and help to co-ordinate conferences and it also challenged me as an individual.

The program brought together a mix of students from diverse backgrounds and enabled us to understand the diversity of learning styles from different countries, while trying to work towards the same goal of completing a master program. This was one of the biggest challenges during my year at Tel Aviv University, but also one of the most beneficial challenges because it taught me to be a dynamic individual.

My year at Tel Aviv University also enabled me to take part in internships with the United States Embassy, working for a Commercial Specialist. Interning for the US Embassy enabled me to attend CES Tel Aviv 2013, which was a great experience.

I was also given the opportunity to take part in non-profit work with The Leader Organization, which in turn brought me to travel to Berlin, Germany for a conference that I helped co-coordinate. Both of these internship experiences as well as the experience of studying abroad to complete my master, gave me opportunities and lifelong experiences and challenges that I would not been able to explore in any other country.

  • Iva Isakov (Serbia), Program graduate (2013)

I have had some great networking opportunities and experienced in this period of time more than most people do in ten years. Chances are you will be looking back on it as one of the best choices you have ever made, I know I do!

Since Graduation I have started two internships. I am the Campus Liaison for Women in International Security Israel, an organization promoting Women's achievements in Security, Diplomacy and Politics in general. I am also the Social Media and Marketing Manager at the Slovenian Embassy in Tel Aviv. This is however just the beginning. Since I developed a growing interest in Campaign Management I plan to volunteer in the Municipality Elections and also explore some of the Job Opportunities I have been presented with. It is not an overstatement when I say all of these opportunities came to me, in one way or another, through the University.

It has not even been a full year since I started the program and I can already say that I experienced in this period of time, more than most people do in ten years. There are several reasons for that. Israel in itself is a very fast paste society and the program was fairly dynamic. Studying abroad always comes with a certain amount of adventure and events that would be highly improbable otherwise, but studying in an International school in Tel Aviv University is a particular brand in itself.

Chances are you will be looking back on it as one of the best choices you have ever made, I know I do. I have had the enormous pleasure of studying with some truly unique peers, most of whom became my very dear friends and some of them even as close as family. The Political Science and Political Communication Program is a plethora of Philosophy, Communication, Politics, current events and everything each student brings from their own countries and experience. I have had some great networking opportunities and had the chance to hear, see and meet some truly admirable people. The potential is there it just needs to be taken advantage of.

  • Alexandru Bar (Romania), Program graduate (2013)

The skills I have gained through my studies here have equipped me to accomplish my professional goals. During my studies here I had the opportunity to be part of great projects including the Legacy Mission powered by the Senate of TAU as program representative. I can honestly say that a degree from Tel Aviv University became the best value option for me and I am happy to still be studying and living in one of world's best cities.

I have always had an interest in working in the political sphere and in order to enrich my career, after working as an Honorary Royal Equerry for The Royal Household of His Majesty King Michael I. of Romania, I enrolled in the Political Science & Political Communication program at Tel Aviv University.

This International Master has been an excellent fit, providing me with a knowledge base that compliments my past studies. The professors at TAU have both theoretical and practical experience in their respective fields of expertise and the program offers a wide range of classes that address many of my research interests. This is why I chose to continue my research thesis with one of the top professors at TAU.

Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree from any field from an accredited institution of higher education.
  2. Minimal final grade of 80, or the equivalent for candidates from schools or countries with a different grading system.

Students who are not native English speakers and who haven't completed their undergraduate studies in English will be required to submit TOEFL or IELTS test scores along with their applications. Minimal TOEFL requirements: 573 on the paper based test; 230 on the computer based test; 89 on the internet based test. Mininal IELTS requirements: 7. Students may be asked to provide formal documentation that their undergraduate program was conducted in English.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Israel - Tel Aviv
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