The aim of the New Media Program which was launched in 2009 as the first of its kinds in Turkey by the Faculty of Communication at Kadir Has University, is to provide practical knowledge and experience on media, culture and communications industry. It targets professionals who wish to follow and adopt the latest developments in media and communication technologies to their profession.

New communication environments like the Internet, GSM systems, online journalism have led to the social, cultural, political and economic changes both in Turkey and all around the world. Following these developments, new specialties have occurred in this newly formed communications environment. The aim of this program is to train the communications and media practitioners of the 21st century according to a chosen area of expertise.

The language of instruction is English. The program offers thesis and non-thesis completion options.


Compulsory Courses

  • NS 501 Media and Communication Theory (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 502 Theories of New Media (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 503 Fundamentals of Digital Media (3 KHAS credits)
  • SBE 501 Research Methods (3 KHAS credits) It is compulsory only for the program with a thesis.
  • SBE 500 Seminar (0 credits) It is compulsory only for the program with a thesis.
  • SBE 590 Thesis (0 credits) It is compulsory only for the program with a thesis.
  • SBE 580 Project (0 credits) It is compulsory only for the program with non-thesis.

Elective Courses

  • NS 504 Interactive Environment and Game Design (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 505 Mobile Media Studies (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 506 Internet and Mobile Marketing (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 507 Social Media (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 508 Online Journalism (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 509 New Media Management (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 546 Digital Media Environments (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 513 User Experience (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 518 Digital Design Studio (3 KHAS credits)
  • NS 535 Media Archaeology (3 KHAS credits)


With thesis – 4 semesters, without thesis – 3 semesters

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated February 5, 2019
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Aug 31, 2020
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