MA in Migration Studies

Tel Aviv University

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MA in Migration Studies

Tel Aviv University

MA in Migration Studies

The International MA in Migration Studies Program is a one-year MA taught in English. Being the only University program in Migration Studies in Israel, and one of the few worldwide, this distinguished graduate program will give students an opportunity to study migration within the unique context of Israel. Israel is home to immigrants from around the world including Jewish migrants, migrant workers, refugee and asylum seekers, and others. This International Masters will give students an opportunity to discover the complexities of international migration through an interdisciplinary lens. Led by our exceptional professors who are some of the leading experts in this field, this program seeks to provide students with the theories, tools and experience first-hand to pursue careers in various fields including public policy, international affairs, politics, research, academia, and non-profits. This international program is an opportunity to be part of a diverse student body that in itself provides a platform for different local knowledge and experiences to converge and create a unique environment for learning.

Program Features

  • Earn an MA degree in one intensive year
  • Meet with and learn from leading experts and practitioners working in the field
  • Understand the issues of migration from an interdisciplinary approach
  • Develop professional skills through interactive workshops organized by international organizations
  • Study Israel’s complex demographic issues first-hand
  • Explore Tel Aviv and immerse yourself in Israeli culture
  • Meet students from around the world with diverse academic and professional backgrounds

Goals and Philosophy

In recent years academic research and professional training in the field of migration has received more attention. With the acceleration of globalization changing the face of this world, people, technology and culture are moving across borders at an unprecedented speed and scale. The increased attention is evident in the widespread research being published, in the amount of periodicals devoted to the field, and in the flourishing of centers and programs for the study and work in migration, both here in Israel and abroad. Israel itself, a country built on its inflow of migrants, is now facing complex situations and decisions regarding the different populations that are changing the nature of the society.

Although migration in Israel is a key element socially, politically and economically, the lack of structured programs and higher education in this field gave us all the more reason to compile a curriculum and professors dedicated to this subject. The first semester of the program students are exposed to the main theoretical perspectives and policies of migration, while in the later stages students have the opportunity to specialize in certain areas of migration according to their own preferences.


The uniqueness of this program lies first and foremost in its interdisciplinary nature; in exposing students to a variety of disciplinary approaches to the subject at hand such as the legal, cultural, economic and political aspects. Some topics relate specifically to the context of Israel, but many of the courses will provide an overview of the issues from a global perspective, and provide case studies during the course of the semester. Some areas that will be covered include the labor market integration of immigrants, the challenges of social integration, the question of the “second generation”, marginalization and discrimination and forced migration. Additionally, each student is placed in a specially designed internship based on their interest and encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities during their year stay in Israel.


Our program is designed for graduates of accredited institutions of higher education. We strongly believe in an interdisciplinary approach and therefore accept any undergraduate fields or majors.

Due to the nature of the subject, we seek to compose a diverse group of nationalities as well as diverse fields of interests. Our admission policy includes academic records, recommendations, a personal essay, leadership experience, and worldviews. Ideal candidates should come from the academic or professional backgrounds of Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, International Development and International Relations. Professional experience is preferred.

Our application process also includes a personal interview - either in person or by virtual media. International applicants who plan to be in Israel prior to completing their application are strongly advised to schedule an appointment with the International Program in Migration Studies team while they are in Israel.

The entire curriculum is delivered in English. Students who are not native English-speakers and who haven't completed their undergraduate studies in English are required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS test score as part of their application.

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Start date
Oct. 2017
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