MA in Media Studies

American University of Beirut - AUB

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MA in Media Studies

American University of Beirut - AUB

The AUB MA in Media Studies offers students a broad-based multidisciplinary liberal arts curriculum grounded in the social sciences that teaches students media theory, research and practice, and focuses on critical thinking and on the role of media in society. The program offers a regional and global scope and stresses a liberal arts approach that emphasizes theory, research, teaching, and critical skills, but also includes some basic practical media skills.

In addition to exploring media theories, students learn scientific research methods and systematic and critical inquiry into the nature, processes and consequences of traditional and new media.

Students also develop solid digital media skills that prepare them for “an information technology driven age”—a goal prominently iterated in the mission of the Faculty of Arts and Science. The program brings forth issues and principles of freedom of the press, multicultural communication, and media ethics and social responsibility. It stresses the university’s commitment “to creative and critical thinking and civic responsibility” by emphasizing media literacy principles that aim to produce graduates who can effectively and critically access, analyze, utilize, evaluate and create media messages, in addition to developing media policies and strategies.


Requirements for admission into the MA program are consistent with those of the Faculty of Arts of Sciences. Applicants are required to submit the following: two letters of recommendation, and statement of goals/research interests and experiences. Each student will also be interviewed upon application to determine his/her professional background and qualification. Prospective graduate students with no background in media studies will be required to take at least the following prerequisite undergraduate courses: MCOM 202, MCOM 203, and MCOM 220, and a course in research methods. Some or all of these prerequisite courses may be waived on a case-by-case basis for equivalent courses or for relevant, extensive, and verifiable professional experience. The supplementary courses must be completed within four consecutive semesters.


The MA in Media Studies follows a liberal curriculum grounded in the social sciences. Its curriculum is intended for returning professionals, and AUB and non-AUB graduates who aim to build fundamental knowledge in the theories, research methods, and critical and practical skills of the field.

The MA program offers two tracks. Students may choose either a thesis option or a project option. Both options require 30 credits. Students must decide which track they want to pursue by the time they successfully complete the comprehensive exam, which is normally at the end of the second semester for full-time students. Based on their comprehensive exam performance, students will be advised to pursue one track or the other.

  • The thesis option requires eight courses (24 credits), the comprehensive exam (0 credits), and a 6-credit thesis (MCOM 399).
  • The project option requires nine courses (27 credits), the comprehensive exam (0 credits), and a 3-credit project (MCOM 398).

All candidates for the MA in Media Studies must complete MCOM 300, 301, 302, and 395 (comprehensive exam) and at least two courses from the list of department electives. The remainder of the courses may be selected from the department electives, the approved general electives, or other unlisted graduate courses, after the advisor’s consent.

Core Courses: MCOM 300, MCOM 301, and MCOM 302.

Department Electives: MCOM 310, MCOM 311, MCOM 312, MCOM 313, MCOM 380, MCOM 381, MCOM 390, MCOM 391, SOAN 310, SOAN 312, SOAN 315.

Approved General Elective Courses

  • Political communication: PSPA 321, PSPA 380, PSPA 381, PSPA 382.
  • Health communication: HPCH 310, HPCH 332, HPCH 333, HPCH 334, HMPD 300, EPHD 331, EPHD 332.
  • Visual Literacy: GRDS 032, GRDS 036, GRDS 020.
  • Media management: MNGT 306, MKTG 306, MKTG 311, MKTG 312, MNGT 319, MNGT 332, MNGT 350.
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