“Today’s organizations are affected by the developments in the international trade, economics, and financial environments and they need to incorporate these changes into their decision making processes. Managers today should observe the ever so competitive global environment more carefully and make faster and more accurate decisions. For this reason, the need for managers who will keep up with the rapid changes in the international trade and finance environment is on the rise.”

Students who will graduate from the International Trade and Finance Masters Program will have a strong finance background and be able to grasp the application of theory into practice and evaluate the interaction between comprehensive global trade processes and international economic and financial environments. Students entering the program should have a bachelor’s degree from a faculty of economics and administrative sciences or a faculty of business. Admission of graduates from similar fields will be decided by the Institute Board upon the recommendation of the Department.

Graduates of departments other than the stated ones or the similar fields will need to complete The Deficiency Program. This program consists of Introduction to Business, Introduction to Economics and Principles of Accounting courses. The courses to be taken at the program will be decided by the Institute Board upon the recommendation of the Department based on the individual student’s needs.

The program is designed as thesis and non-thesis in given in Turkish. Students need to complete 30 credit hours of which should consist of 15 credit hours of compulsory courses.

Program taught in:
  • English
Yasar University

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Last updated February 5, 2019
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9,000 USD
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