Hone critical perspectives on international political issues

Earn your master’s in International Studies and develop a worldly perspective with a lens on global inequality. This academically rigorous, thesis-driven program, grounded in critical theory, uniquely focuses on themes of power and global systems. We're dedicated to building a community of scholars and researchers who demonstrate a commitment to questioning power and politics in a way that bridges theory and practice.

Courses are offered on weekday evenings at the Lincoln Park Campus and the program can be completed in two years.

Globally focused within the heart of Chicago

Study in Chicago, an international city with a strong foundation of NGOs and government entities. Connect with international and local NGOs like Amnesty International, Refugee One and Heartland Alliance, or with think tanks and diplomatic agencies like the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the U.S. State Department and Chicago’s consular offices.

Career Options

With a master’s in International Studies, you’ll graduate equipped with the writing, research and critical-thinking skills necessary to succeed in a wide range of careers. Hone your writing skills with our full-time faculty, work toward a Ph.D. or seek a career in nonprofits, international NGOs and a range of diplomatic entities.

  • 100% of surveyed 2016 International Studies MA graduates were employed or continuing their education within six months of graduation
  • 90% of 2016 employed LAS graduates are in a job related to their degree

Admission Requirements

The MA in International Studies is an academically demanding two-year program. Each autumn term a new cohort of twenty to thirty students begin to work through the courses and thesis colloquia together. This graduate program is committed to building a community of scholars and researchers who have demonstrated a commitment to engaging questions of power and inequality at an international level.

The master’s program begins its sequence of classes in the Autumn Quarter, so we only admit students to the program to begin in the Autumn Quarter. There are no Winter or Spring admissions. All of our graduate classes are offered in the evening.

Minimum Requirements for Acceptance into the MA Program

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate institution
  • GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • A grade of B or better on an advanced modern language course (other than English) beyond the standard two-year college language learning sequence, or the equivalent score on a language placement exam
  • For students who completed their undergraduate degree in a language other than English, a minimum TOEFL reading score of 22, writing score of 24, other section scores of 17, and a total score of 80 or higher is required.

Application Materials

  1. Application Form: Online at go.depaul.edu/apply
  2. Application Fee of $40 US Dollars: Submitted online with the application
  3. An official transcript: Acquired from each institution you have attended, showing successful completion of a bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale).
  4. Two letters of recommendation: The most useful letters are those written by professors with whom you have worked, preferably in a class related to international studies. In any case, recommenders should address your:
    • writing abilities,
    • analytical skills,
    • motivation and readiness for graduate study,
    • ability to do independent work, and
    • ability to see a project through to completion.
  5. Statement of Purpose: 3-5 pages, double spaced that describes the following: how this program will further your academic and professional goals, DePaul faculty you would like to work with, your primary research interests, and a thesis topic you would like to pursue. Your proposed thesis topic and associated research interests should be explained in as much detail as possible. Our selection committee takes the statement of purpose seriously and will look for evidence that you are prepared for a rigorous thesis-driven program.
  6. Writing Sample: Submit an analytical paper of 5-8 pages. Papers should demonstrate your writing and critical thinking abilities, ideally in a subject area related to international studies.

International Students only:

  • Credential Evaluation: Students with undergraduate degrees earned outside the United States should submit official educational credentials and evaluation fee

International students in need of assistance with matters related to maintenance of visa status, employment authorization requests, travel and re-entry into the U.S. from abroad, and lawful transfer into DePaul University from another U.S. educational institution, should contact:

Applying to the Juris Doctor/Master of Arts, International Law Studies Joint Program

To be accepted into the joint JD/MA in international law studies program you must be a student in DePaul’s College of Law. Once students have completed the first semester of the College of Law, they may apply for admission to the joint program. They must complete the online graduate application for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, specifying the MA in International Studies. Include a detailed note in the comments section specifying that this is an application for the joint JD/MA program. Students will be required to show evidence of having passed the two economic courses and the basic language requirement as described in the admission requirements for the MA. Students should then contact the Admissions Office of the College of Law to complete their application procedures.

Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses

  • Int 401 Critical Social Theory
  • Int 402 International Political Economy
  • Or Int 403 Advanced Topics In International Political Economy

Students with no previous coursework in International Political Economy enroll in INT 402. Students who enter the program with some background in International Political Economy take a placement exam which will either place them in INT 402 or INT 403.

Core Courses (16 hours)

Choose four from the following:

  • Int 404 Migration And Forced Migration
  • Int 405 Culture And Inequality
  • Int 406 Global Empires
  • Int 407 Race, Sex, And Difference
  • Int 408 Nature, Society, And Power
  • Int 409 Critical Development Theory
  • Int 410 International Law
  • Thesis Colloquia (12 Hours)
  • Int 590 Research Methods: Extended Case Study
  • Int 591 Thesis Research I
  • Int 592 Thesis Research Ii: Thesis Writing

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Students are free to select three elective courses in support of their thesis. The electives should be selected in consultation with the thesis advisor. Permission of the advisor must be obtained before taking courses outside of the International Studies Department.

Graduate Certificate Options

The MA in International Studies may also be expanded to include one of the following graduate certificate programs. The combined MA/certificate program requires careful selection of elective courses to fulfill all requirements. A separate application process is required. Students who are interested in the combined MA/certificate program should contact the program office for additional information.

  • Certificate in Women and Gender Studies
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Certificate in Global Health
  • Certificate in Social Research
  • Certificate in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education
  • Certificate in Community Development
  • Certificate in Metropolitan Planning and Development
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