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“An institution with great historical importance to Hungary but a drive for internationalization: the University of Pècs has given me not only a great education but also the opportunity to be amongst and learn from my peers from all around the world.”

Mandisa Gila (South Africa, International Relations MA)

The International Relations MA degree is an interdisciplinary course addressing the global challenges and political and social issues. The goal of the program is not only to train highly qualified experts with broad education in the social sciences, but also to train critical citizens who can understand global policies, uncover political manipulations and can interprete processes in an objective way, considering multiple perspectives. We have a wide range of courses focusing on political processes, electoral systems and global issues, dealing with the developing countries and the growing Asian states, while we also offer a deep insight into the European and Central Eastern European issues.

The two-year postgraduate course will provide you with the theoretical and practical context of international relations offering an intellectual preparation for a wide range of career choices. The graduates know and understand the developmental tendencies of the regions outside Europe and have thorough disciplinary knowledge in the areas of civilisation, world economy, international law, political science as well as practical skills in diplomacy, protocol and negotiation techniques. Equipped with these pieces of knowledge and skills they are properly qualified to pursue their studies in a doctoral degree program.

Why choose us and the University of Pécs?

  • Your learning will be supported by a professional staff including specialists on key regions of the world.
  • This Program draws cross-Faculty expertise from Faculty of Humanities, Business and Economics and Law.
  • Located in Pécs, in a truly international small city, within the European Union, in the center of Central Eastern Europe.
  • Employability in numerous fields including the NGO sector, International Organisations, diplomacy, political analysis, journalism, Ministries and much more.
  • Outstanding placement rates

Career opportunities

International Relations is a complex field that makes it possible to work for ones local government as well as international organizations in various roles such as policy, diplomacy political analyst and many more.

Application Procedure

Examples of subjects During the Studies

1st semester 3rd semester
  • European Paradigm from the Ancient Ages to the Present Day
  • Globalization, Mundialization
  • International Political Economy
  • Diplomatic and Consular Relations
  • Political Geography, Geography of Security
  • Political Culture – International Cultural Relations
2nd semester 4th semester
  • Modern Political Philosophy
  • International Business
  • Foreign Policy of the USA
  • European Monetary Integration
  • Theory and Practice of Diplomacy in a Global Context
  • Specializations
  • European Studies
  • Regional and Civilization Studies


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The creation of the University of Pécs was first initiated by King Louis the Great in 1367. Today, the University of Pécs is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, where there are te ... Read More

The creation of the University of Pécs was first initiated by King Louis the Great in 1367. Today, the University of Pécs is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, where there are ten faculties, which cover the full spectrum of higher education to provide high quality, comprehensive training. In addition to the education and research activities, medical treatment is a crucial activity of ours; the Clinical Centre takes care of not only of the region’s outpatients and in-patients, but in many areas has national-level duties, too. Read less