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Program Description

The MA in International Affairs is offered in collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Greenwich, UK. In the context of globalization and democratization, the program is designed to meet the needs of the international community, working professionals, and students.

Graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills and aptitude to pursue a variety of careers within the global arena. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • understand the theory and practice of the international political system
  • engage in the process of formulating and implementing foreign policy
  • demonstrate their acumen as a result of completing a thesis or portfolio

Program Duration

Full-Time Enrolment: 18-24 months (Terms 1-3 Coursework, Term 4: Thesis/Portfolio).
Part-Time Enrollment: 36-40 months.

Modes of Delivery

The program has been designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals and students (full- and part-time). The teaching model strives to give students sufficient time to reflect upon the content of their courses and to engage more effectively in independent study. The program offers 3 different modes of delivery—evening, weekend, and “crash” courses. Evening courses cater to students’ employment obligations and schedules. Weekend classes allow students to spread the number of contact hours over weekends. The weekend mode not only provides students with ample opportunity to read course materials before their classes begin but also gives students more time to prepare for interactive weekend sessions. The “crash” course mode entails taking a course in a condensed period of time.

Program Structure

The program structure is comprised of core, concentration, and area focus courses, as well as electives. Throughout the program, students will pursue the study of two foreign (other than English) languages – one Western European and one area-specific (off-campus). The final stage of the program is demarcated by taking a comprehensive exam, participating in an internship, and submitting a thesis or portfolio.

Area Focus Courses (2 courses)

Area focus courses allow students to specialize in a specific geographical region or area. Each area focus will be comprised of two courses. The first course will focus on the history and civilization of the geographic region or area. The second course
focuses on contemporary modern politics and governance—
within the designated region or area. The following area foci are currently on offer:

  • The European Union
  • South Eastern Europe
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (the former USSR)
  • North America

Elective Courses (2 courses)

Electives provide students with an opportunity to select more courses as they create their own unique profile within the scope of international relations. Courses may be selected from another concentration track OR from the following list of

  • International Human Rights Law
  • European Law & Legal Institutions
  • European Defense & Security Policy
  • Politics of Globalization & Sustainable Development
  • Ethnicity & Nationalism

Admission Requirements

  • A first degree in Humanities and Social Sciences or in related disciplines from an accredited institution
  • A successful interview with the Program Director or her designee demonstrating maturity, ability and personal motivation
  • Where an applicant's first language is not English, evidence of competence in English through a recognized International English language qualification (TOEFL 213 computer score / IELTS Level 6.0) or other evidence deemed appropriate, like study for a first degree through the medium of English, etc. For the latter, the candidates will be interviewed and may be required to sit a diagnostic test administered by the school

Financial Aid

At U.N.Y.T. we believe that everyone should aspire to achieve a postgraduate university education. As a result, U.N.Y.T. strongly encourages and accommodates students with economic hardships. Hence, a financial aid package has been implemented to assist and support promising prospective U.N.Y.T. students.

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The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs academic ... Read More

The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs academic staff of distinction, some recognized as international leaders in their fields. Read less
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