MA in Global Communications


Program Description

The MA in Global Communications is an interdisciplinary, hybrid academic program that produces expert communications professionals and scholars. Taught by an international faculty made up of intellectual and professional leaders in their fields, the program is designed to help you find a pathway to future success in your career.


Our curriculum is always being adapted to meet emerging needs. We welcome students with a wide range of interests and provide expert academic and practical training on topics spanning:

  • Communications Theory – from the development of the field and its major concepts and debates to the latest debates and challenges in a globalized world
  • Digital Media Technologies – from the rise and promise of the Internet to the immersive networks of social media and ubiquitous computing devices
  • Global Media and Media Systems – producing comparative knowledge of structures of ownership, control, influence and innovation
  • Visual Culture – exploring the multivalent power of images and screens and practices of looking
  • The Creative Industries – their increasing role in advertising and branding goods and services, and promoting and disrupting ideas and values
  • Journalism and Public Relations including the challenges and opportunities of producing and sharing compelling content in an attention-based digital economy
  • Fashion and Material Culture – from luxury to sustainability in a rapidly transforming industry and wide-ranging practices of consumption in a consumerist society and beyond
  • Cultural Difference and Cultural Diversity – their complex relationship to changing practices and politics of communication globally, including practices, policies and organizations
  • Activism and Advocacy – in a world of new political stakes and stakeholders and transformative technologies


The MA in Global Communications encourages students to take their education beyond the classroom. Your learning experience is deepened by the opportunity of immersive practica and study trips where you will come into contact with experts in the field. Whether networking with communications professionals in New York or London, developing sustainable initiatives in India, or experiencing nation branding in Iceland or cultural heritage in Morocco, or we are committed to putting theory into practice.


Building on the core program, the MA in Global Communications offers specialized tracks in:


·Development Communications

·Digital Cultures and Industries


As a student you will benefit from hands-on fieldwork and research development as you gain professional skills throughout the duration of your studies. This, together with the rigorous academic training, can lead to jobs in companies across the world. You will be well-prepared to pursue a career in a range of sectors and organization types, including corporations, non-governmental organizations, start-ups, nonprofits and family businesses.

Last updated Mar 2018

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Located in the heart of Paris, The American University of Paris is perfectly situated to help you embark upon your academic journey of discovery. We provide a learning experience that places your pers ... Read More

Located in the heart of Paris, The American University of Paris is perfectly situated to help you embark upon your academic journey of discovery. We provide a learning experience that places your personal, intellectual, and professional development at its core. You can choose from over 25 undergraduate majors and four core fields of graduate study, all taught in English. AUP students are those that choose to live and learn internationally. They bring to the classroom their diverse cultural backgrounds, languages and perspectives, and the sense of adventure to become part of a global learning community outside of their own nationality and experience. In this multi-cultural context, AUP provides you with a strong academic foundation that supports critical thinking and practical application, and enables you to become a translator of culture with the capacity to analyze, adapt, and thrive in any environment. Read less