MA in Environmental Studies

Tel Aviv University

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MA in Environmental Studies

Tel Aviv University

The Porter School of Environmental Studies has long been recognized as one of Israel's most innovative environmental institutions, working to promote new areas of interdisciplinary environmental research, establish novel environmental teaching programs and strengthen the place of environmental issues on the academic and public agenda.

The M.A. Program in Environmental Studies provides candidates with an intensive multidisciplinary insight into environmental studies with an emphasis on Israel's unique geographic and geopolitical setting. This full-time program takes place over one year (3 semesters) and is taught in English.

Students on the program study a broad selection of environmental subjects, through both core courses and a range of electives, to gain insight into Israel's environmental history both as an individual nation and as part of the greater Middle East region. In parallel to a broad overview of environmental topics, the program focuses on the area of water, exposing the students to the scientific, legal and policy aspects of one of Israel's most critical environmental issues. The program covers topics such as marine conservation, environmental policy, and sustainable development, and also explores how understanding water as a shared resource is key to coexistence in the region.

Career Success

The M.A. in Environmental Studies prepares graduates for careers in a wide variety of environmental sectors. Our graduates have obtained jobs in environmental consulting, national and international non-governmental organizations, civil service, environmental industrial specialists, research in think tanks, environmental education, and more.

Thesis track

A thesis track option is available for outstanding students. For more information please visit the program's website



Professionally and academically, the Porter School's International MA Program nurtures the world's next generation of environmental leaders. Based on the crucial understanding that the future of the environmental profession is both international and interdisciplinary, the curriculum has been designed to equip its participants with the broad knowledge and perspectives they need to meet the complex challenges that lie ahead.

The curriculum encompasses topics as diverse as environmental ethics, ecology, marine systems, climate change, sustainable development, environmental policy, and environmental economics.

A special focus is the critical issue of water – a major environmental concern in Israel and the Middle East and Mediterranean Regions, which has engendered advance scientific research and innovative technologies, as well as intricate political and legal challenges. With a faculty that specializes in many aspects of water issues, the MA program exposes its students to a wide range of topics, including water sources in Israel, water supply, marine conservation, river rehabilitation, coastal management, wastewater contamination, and water management in conflict areas.

The full course list may be found on the program's website.

Academic Program

The structure of the program is one full year comprised of three semesters (fall, spring, and summer). Students are required to complete a minimum of 38 credit hours. The program of study consists of five segments:

  1. Introductory courses (10 credits)
  2. Core courses (10 credits)
  3. Seminars (4 credits)
  4. Final project (4 credits)
  5. Elective courses (10 credits)

As part of the Seminar and Elective courses students are offered the following specialized courses:

National Environmental Challenges in Israel – This course takes students out of the classroom, challenging them to learn hands-on about Israel's national environmental issues.

Internship Program – The internship program is a 4-month placement with Israel's leading environmental organizations and government offices. Students receive 2 credits upon completion of the program.

Business & Sustainability Concentration – This course selection is offered in collaboration with the Sofaer International MBA program, and the School of Management, and gives students insight and experience in the area of business management and its intersection with sustainability.


Admission Requirements

Our student body reflects the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. Students come from many different academic backgrounds and come together with the common goal of learning about the environment in order to improve it for generations to come.

A degree in environmental studies is not required for admissions to the program.

Candidates with a final grade of at least 80 on the Israeli grading scale (or its equivalent), from a university or similar accredited institute of higher education, are eligible for candidacy. Applicants with a final grade between 75 and 80 should still apply; the Admissions Committee takes candidates' full applications into consideration.

Applicants with qualifications from a university where the primary language of teaching and examination is not English will be required to submit TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores of no less than 89 for internet-based tests, 230 for computer-based tests, and 575 for paper-based tests. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores of no less than 7.0 will also be acceptable for non-native English speakers.

Israeli Applicants
Applicants with Israeli citizenship, whether by birth or by immigration, are eligible to apply to the program under the same criteria as international applicants. Those with a fluent understanding of Hebrew should consider applying to the Porter School’s two Hebrew-language programs (thesis and non-thesis). More information about the Porter School Hebrew-language programs can be found here.

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