MA in Early Childhood Education

Saint Xavier University

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MA in Early Childhood Education

Saint Xavier University

The School of Education at Saint Xavier University prepares educators who are broadly and liberally educated, competent in content methodologies and skillful in teaching all children in contemporary schools. The program in early childhood education is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education and is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

The early childhood education program is designed for individuals who wish to teach young children (age 0 to grade 2), leads to a master of arts degree, and prepares candidates to pursue an Illinois professional educator license endorsed for early childhood education, with optional early childhood education approval.

The program requires successful completion of general education courses, professional education courses, and core courses, as outlined below:

General Education Course Requirements

The general education courses, which address requirements for Illinois licensure, may have been met within the candidate's undergraduate studies. A review of the candidate's transcript(s) will indicate if any general education deficiencies exist. Candidates may choose to take the CLEP exam to resolve deficiencies in the areas of fine arts, history or American government and health and nutrition. Deficiencies in the areas of literature, math, and science must be resolved through coursework.

Graduate students seeking professional educator license endorsed for early childhood education are required to have one course in each of the following areas:

  • writing or composition
  • mathematics
  • natural science, with a lab
  • U.S. history or American government
  • health or nutrition
  • fine arts
  • literature

Professional Education Course Requirements for the License (38 credits*):

Core Course Requirements (12 or 15 credits*):

  • EDGCC 511: Foundations of Education (3)
  • EDGCC 512: Assessment of Instruction and Learning (requirement for certification) (3)
  • EDGCC 513: Educational Research Design and Development (3)
  • EDGCC 514: Scholarship of Teaching: Finalizing the Inquiry Process (3)

*40 credit hours of professional education courses for a certificate, plus 12 or 15 credit hours of core courses for the degree.

Candidates for a master of arts degree in individualized education who are enrolled in the early childhood program must complete EDGCC 511, 512 and 513.

Candidates who choose to complete the research study must enroll in EDGCC 514. In lieu of enrolling in EDGCC 514 and completing a research study, candidates may enroll in two additional graduate courses in education at Saint Xavier University. The two courses should further the candidate's professional goals, and the courses selected must be approved by the faculty adviser. EDGRS 523 or EDGSP 523 will count as one of the optional courses.

Licensure and Degree Requirements for Licensed Elementary Teachers Pursuing a Subsequent Endorsement in Early Childhood

Candidates who currently have a Professional Educator License endorsed to teach elementary education and who have had experiences in teaching students at the K-3 level can pursue a subsequent Early Childhood Education endorsement and take additional courses that will lead to a master's degree, as well as an early childhood special education approval.

Candidates need to successfully complete the following prerequisites:

  • valid, current, professional educator license with an Elementary Education endorsement (Type 03 certificate);
  • student teaching experience or one-year, full-time teaching experience in the K-3 grade level in an accredited school;
  • evidence of passing the Illinois Basic Skills test;
  • at least three months of experience as the teacher of record with a professional educator license endorsed for elementary education.

Candidates also need to successfully complete the following requirements:

  • admission to the School of Education;
  • portfolio to document the impact of K-3 student learning.

*Candidates complete a 3-credit, 8-week practicum if they have successfully taught or student taught at the primary grade level. Candidates will complete two 8-week practica (16 weeks) if they have never taught at the primary grade level. Practica are typically offered in Fall and Spring semesters.

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