MA in Documentary Film Production

York St. John University

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MA in Documentary Film Production

York St. John University

Our innovative approach will instil in you an imaginative and unique concern for digital short film or documentary production. You will be at the cutting edge – you are the future of these forms. Practice is at the heart of both MA programmes. In addition to the high level of practical engagement with your chosen form you will study theory and research methodologies which will develop the form and content of your work. You will also undertake portfolio work to help develop you as a professional practitioner.

You will have the opportunity to work with a range of like minded people all striving for the highest quality of film and documentary production possible. This level of collaboration means you can maintain your specialist interest whilst working across two forms. You will also have the opportunity to work with a range of committed, engaged and highly skilled undergraduates.

Our MA programmes are for creative individuals who have some existing experience, a drive to produce high level production work and ideas ready for production. If you are a writer/director or a director/producer ready to produce work of the highest quality then our course is for you.

Dr Robert Edgar-Hunt, Head of Programme

Why study MA in Film Production or Documentary Production?

We value and prioritise your creativity, skill, knowledge and drive

•We employ cutting edge facilities
•We have links with a wide range of organisations – we bring the outside in and take your work outside York St John University
•We utilise radical approaches to digital film and documentary production
•You will become a maker of film and television at the vanguard of the media for the 21st century
•We value you as an individual
•You will work in collaboration with a team of like-minded individuals

How can I study

Both MA programmes are available for study in both full-time and part-time modes.

What will I study?

The emphasis of our MA programmes is towards production. To enable you to make powerful short film and documentary work we will work with you in a supervisory role.

Will I get any practical experience?

Both MA programmes are focussed around the practical production of original short film and documentary cinema and television. Practice is at the heart of the work you undertake throughout. A crucial element of both MA programmes is working within a real world context with a tangible outcome for your work. At the start you will target where your work will be screened – and the aim is to get it there. You will also play a crucial role in suggesting key visiting speakers and practitioners.

What skills will I acquire?

You will develop your skills as a writer/director (film) or a director/producer (documentary). A defining feature of our MA programmes is the collaboration on each others' projects. By doing this you maintain a level of multi-skilling essential in the contemporary worlds of film and documentary production.

•conceptual skills, through the development of creative ideas
•advanced group work skills (although we assess you as an individual)
•written skills, through writing treatments, script development, essays, critical evaluations and production logs
•excellent technical skills, in your use of a range of production and post-production facilities
•your understanding of business, through the application of budgets to your production and in the development of your own company
Most importantly, you will be a creative thinker and a creative practitioner at the forefront of film or documentary production.

How will I be assessed?

All production and theoretical work is a significant part of continual assessment, rather than formal examinations. You will be assessed on your production work, but always as the writer/director or director/producer.

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