MA in Corporate Governance and Global Network Diplomacy


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Russian-French Dual Master's Degree, Programme with HEC, Paris

The world of international business today is defined by rapidly growing transnational corporations. Their operations transcend state borders and their interaction forms the matrix of the current global economy. Management of these enormous companies requires broad strategic vision, a wide array of specialized skills in organizing business structures, and competences in cross-cultural outreach. Moreover, major transnational corporations are increasingly dependent upon the global political environment. Today business cannot avoid engagement of international politics.

Our objective is to prepare top-class professionals, possessing an essential toolbox of skills and knowledge for successful careers in corporate management. For this purpose, HEC Paris and MGIMO-University have combined their efforts to deliver an innovative educational product. It gives applicants a unique opportunity to receive genuinely interdisciplinary education, which reflects the latest developments in Management, Economics, Corporate Law and International Relations.

An integrated curriculum focuses on two intertwined sides, of successful global business:

  • Ability to organize and manage corporate structures
  • Capacities to interact effectively with multiple stakeholders within complex international networks.

First year at HEC Paris ————> Second year at MGIMO University.

  • 120 ECTS credits, including classes and internships, as well as preparation and defence of Master's Thesis.
  • All courses for the Programme are delivered in English.
  • The students also receive linguistic training in French or Russian.

The graduates are awarded two masters diplomas:

  • HEC Paris with a degree in Management
  • MGIMO-University with a degree either in Management or in International Relations.

Basic Course Structure

1st year at HEC Paris

Core Courses

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Tax Management
  • Data Modeling
  • Financial Economics
  • Financial Markets
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Managerial Behavior Seminar
  • Marketing
  • Methods of Cost Analysis
  • People and Organization
  • Business Performance Management
  • Strategy
  • Operation and Supply Chain Management

2nd year at MGIMO University

Fall Semester

Core Courses

Modul: Theory And Methodology Of International Relations

  • Theory of Global Governance
  • International Network Diplomacy
  • Applied International Political Analysis
  • Russia’s Foreign Policies
  • Leadership and Personal Efficiency
  • Sales Management
  • Corporate Management
  • HR Management In Global Companies
  • French Language
  • Applied International Political Analysis

Elective Courses (Management)

  • Corporate Business Planning and Entrepreneurship
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
  • Assets management, Investment
  • IPO
  • Internet Marketing
  • Innovation Management

Elective Courses (International Relations)

  • International Private Law
  • International Negotiation
  • International Political Economy
  • International Organization and Corporate Sector
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Environmental Agenda of Global Development

Spring Semester

Core Courses

  • Megatrends and Major Global Developments
  • IR Regional Dimension
  • WTO and Global Trading System

Application Deadline: April 15

Tuition fee

27 500 Euro: 18 000 Euro for the first year at HEC, 9 500 Euro for the second at MGIMO University


Programme Director — Dr Olga Khotyasheva

Programme Coordinator — Oksana Bakakina

  • Phone: +7(495)434-20-05
  • E-mail:
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