MA in Classics with Teaching Licensure


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Program Description


Develop skills and knowledge appropriate for graduate studies leading to the M.A. in Classics and develop pedagogical skills and knowledge consistent with the objectives of initial Teacher Licensure in Latin and Classical Humanities. Students will be prepared, upon completion of this degree, to pursue a career in secondary school teaching with licensure and/or move on to a Ph.D. program.


  • Candidates must successfully complete six graduate courses in Classics. Two must be in upper-level Latin and two must be in upper-level Greek. Candidates will usually have completed the equivalent of an undergraduate Latin or Greek major. If not, additional courses will be required for the completion of the master's degree.
  • Candidates must successfully complete seven graduate courses in Education: one at the introductory level; one in human development and learning; one in the social, cultural, and historical foundations of education; one in exceptionalities in learning; two courses in second language instruction with an emphasis in Latin and Greek; and one in supervised teaching worth two credits.
  • Reading knowledge of Latin or Greek and one modern foreign language (usually German or French) is tested by examination.
  • To demonstrate research and presentation, the candidate may submit for evaluation by a Classics faculty committee either two qualifying papers (written for courses at Tufts and revised as necessary after completion of the course) or a thesis. The thesis normally counts as two of the required six courses. Students usually find that writing a thesis takes a full term of uninterrupted work. An oral examination based on the qualifying papers or thesis is required.
  • A comprehensive written examination integrating coursework with knowledge of the reading lists in Greek and Latin literature is required.

Program Objectives

  • Students will have developed the ability to conduct research and write a graduate-level research paper and/or thesis.
  • Students will have developed a broad knowledge of the Classical world including literature, history, and/or archaeology as well as a deeper focus in a particular area relevant to student interest.
  • Students will have developed a strong competency in both Latin and Greek and have been exposed to new methods of learning and using the languages. (eg. Treebanking)
  • Students will have gained reading knowledge of a modern foreign language relevant to research in the field.
  • Students will have been exposed to new developments in the field of Classical studies.
  • Students will be prepared to go on to advanced graduate work and/or secondary school teaching.
  • Students will have gained knowledge about classroom management, national and state educational standards, and a variety of methods for teaching ancient languages, based on research and special strategies for students with diverse learning styles, English language learners, and students with disabilities.
  • Students will have gained practical classroom experience during a supervised Latin Practicum and been evaluated according to national and state standards for the profession in an accredited program. The final endorsement of readiness for classroom teaching (and initial teaching licensure) is the jurisdiction of the Tufts University Department of Education.

Application Requirements

  • Application fee
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal statement
  • Official GRE required
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS, if applicable
  • Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Writing sample
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