MA Palestine Studies

Mode of Attendance: Full Time or Part Time

The MA Palestine Studies is a simultaneously disciplinary and interdisciplinary programme that provides students with an overview of the ways in which varying bodies of scholarship across and intra various disciplines engage and study Palestine and examines how the study of Palestine cuts across and informs scholarly, theoretical, political and disciplinary approaches. It develops an understanding of the complexities of modern and contemporary Palestine through a study of relevant material, and of the dynamics of colonisation, displacement, insecurity and security. It attends to the place of culture in representing conflict and identity politics and as a means of mediation and resistance.

The flexible study programme and the interdisciplinary curriculum will enrich students’ knowledge of issues relating to the questions of conflict and political economy, development, cultural politics, social and economic relations, identity, and other major concerns of humanities and social sciences. Students will develop an understanding of Palestinian history, political structure, development, culture and society. And they will become familiar with different disciplinary approaches, models, and scholarship frameworks in the study of Palestine, and the ability to write critically on topics relevant to the study of Palestine.


Students take 180 credits, 60 of which are a dissertation and a 120 from taught modules. Students should follow the programme structure set out below.

Core Module

  • Critical Perspectives on Palestine Studies I: History and Politics 15PNMH006 (15 credits) Term 1
  • Critical Perspectives on Palestine Studies II: Culture and Society 15PNMH007 (15 credits) Term 2

Compulsory Modules

Students must take 30 credits from List A and the dissertation below.

  • Dissertation in Palestine Studies 15PNMC424 (60credits) Full Year

Optional Modules

Students choose a further 60 credits from List A or List B OR 30 credits from the list of open options and 30 credits from List A or B.

List A: Palestine-Specific Modules

  • Modern Palestinian Literature (PG) 15PNMC379 (30credits) Full Year
  • Zionist Ideology 15PNMC035 (30credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Israel and the Palestinians 15PNMC038 (30credits) Full Year
  • Identity and Language in Hebrew Literature 15PNMC412 (30credits) Full Year

List B: Modules Relating to the Middle East

  • Introduction to Standard Modern Arabic 15PNMC032 (30credits) Full Year
  • Intermediate Standard Modern Arabic 15PNMC407 (30credits) Full Year
  • Advanced Standard Modern Arabic 15PNMC402 (30credits) Full Year
  • Arabic 300 (Postgraduate) 15PNMC390
  • Arabic 2 (PG) 15PNMC382 (30credits) Full Year
  • Arabic 4 (PG) 15PNMC391 (30credits) Full Year
  • Elementary Hebrew (PG) 15PNMC392 (30credits) Full Year
  • Intermediate Hebrew (PG) 15PNMC393 (30credits) Full Year
  • Advanced Hebrew (PG) 15PNMC394 (30credits) Full Year

Anthropology and Sociology Department

  • Issues in the Anthropology of Gender 15PANH024 (15 credits) Term 2
  • Culture and Society of Near and Middle East 15PANH067 (15 credits) Term 2

Development Studies Department

  • Problems of Development in the Middle East and North Africa 15PDSH019 (15 credits) Term 2

Centre for Gender Studies

  • Gender in the Middle East 15PGNH001 (15 credits) Term 1
  • Gendering Migration & Diasporas 15PGNH002 (15 credits) Term 2

Economics Department

  • Economic development of the Middle East 15PECC341 (30credits) Full Year

History Department

  • The End of Empire in the Middle East and the Balkans II 15PHIH049 (15 credits) Term 2
  • Modernity and the Transformation of the Middle East I 15PHIH031 (15 credits) Term 1
  • Modernity and the Transformation of the Middle East II 15PHIH032 (15 credits) Term 2

School of Law

  • Islamic Law (MA/LLM) 15PLAC121 (30credits) Full Year
  • Law and Society in The Middle East and North Africa 15PLAC130 (30credits) Full Year
  • Human Rights and Islamic Law 15PLAC150 (30credits) Full Year

Politics and International Studies Department

  • Political society in the Middle East 15PPOH008 (15 credits) Term 1
  • State and transformation in the Middle East 15PPOH011 (15 credits) Term 2
  • Comparative politics of the Middle East 15PPOC026 (30credits) Full Year
  • The Law & Politics of State Violence: An Interdisciplinary Perspective 15PPOH034 (15 credits) Term 2

Study of Religions

  • Modern Trends in Islam 15PNMC228 (30credits) Full Year
  • Religion, Nationhood and Ethnicity in Judaism 15PSRH030 (15 credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018


  • Social and Political Dimensions of Modern Arabic Literature 15PNMC347 (30credits) Full Year


  • Communication, Culture and Politics in the Middle East: Theoretical and Analytical Approaches 15PMSC005 (30credits) Full Year
  • Film and Society in the Middle East 15PNMC230 (30credits) Full Year
  • Mediated Culture in the Middle East: Politics and Communications 15PMSH003 (15 credits) Term 1
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