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MA International Arts Administration (MIAA)

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MA International Arts Administration (MIAA)

St. John International University, Inc. (SJIU) is a private, independent American University in Italy offering undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The Master of Arts in International Arts Administration (MIAA) focuses on a new conception of art as it has been developed in recent years through the expertise of practitioners.

A work of art is no longer conceived as an object to which different actions can apply. Art is now regarded as part of a network of relationships that can be identified as “information”. “Information” is here understood as the new value formed by this relational vision of art. Information thus includes the cultural-geographical-ethical contexts in which a work of art has been conceived and has to be experienced.

The MIAA will develop the main topics of this complex network according to sustainability, management, and fruition of art.

Sustainability means that nowadays any work regarding art has to reach its own sustainability, broadly understood as an economic-environmental-ethical rich conception.

All art has to be stored, cataloged, and managed according to new electronic tools that are already part of fruition. Management represents the continuity between artworks and their fruition. Fruition is now an essential part of the art. Communication, displaying, marketing is not severed from art as such. The management of art today involves the increase of available resources (fund-raising strategies, innovative marketing tactics, and promotion, etc.) and the improvement of their utilization (planning and financial control systems).

Moreover, this new conception will apply to traditional works of art as well as to new forms of art such as radio or television recordings or born-digital papers.

The master aims to develop the necessary competencies to enhance collections of born-digital artwork and to empower students in the management and storage of born-digital assets.

The MIAA will be held in English by both expert practitioners of the different fields and academics. Courses will hone their programs according to this new conception of art as “information”. The close relationship between theory and practice will enhance an expertise updated to the necessity of the market as well as to a broader view of artworks as information that have to be available to a larger audience.

Students will study the possibility of aiding developing countries where, in a few years, the fruition of history and culture through art, monuments and historical documents will be considered an important source of wealth for the populations of those countries.

The MIAA is associated with the following international circuits:

  1. ENCATC the leading European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education (SJIU, represented by Prof. Elisa Lanza, is Full Member)
  2. AAAE Association of Arts Administration Educators (SJIU, represented by Prof. Elisa Lanza, is Associate Member)

MIAA program instructors include:

  • Elisa Lanza (SJIU)
  • Giovanni Maddalena (SJIU)
  • Rocio Aguilar-Nuevo (SJIU)
  • Maria Chiara Guerra (SJIU)
  • Luca Montanaro (SJIU)

Elisabetta Bruno (Copat Cultural Heritage) Laurent Boch (Centro Ricerche RAI) Robert Codebo (lawyer) Laurent Samou (SJIU) Armando Giuffrida (Università del Piemonte Orientale) Roberto Franzini Tibaldeo (SJIU)


How long is the master?
The M.A. in International Arts Administration is an American two-year full-time degree.

When does the master start and end?
The American Academic Year starts in the last week of August and ends in the last week of May.
Summer Sessions (June and July) are also available.
The Academic Year is divided into 2 semesters (Fall, from August to December, and Spring, from January to May) and 2 Summer Sessions.

What is the class schedule?
Each semester, a student normally enrolls in five (5) courses, earning 15 credits in the semester and 30 credits in the year.
Each course consists of a weekly lecture of 3 hours (15 hours a week in total). Lessons are held in English Monday through Thursday, from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

What are the requirements to be admitted?
To be admitted to the M.A. in International Arts Administration, students must:

1. Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an American college or university or the equivalent degree from a non-U.S. institution.
2. Have earned a GPA of at least 3.00 or the equivalent.
3. For students whose first language is not English, it is necessary to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. This can be done in one of the following ways:
By providing proof of attendance of an undergraduate school where English was the primary language of instruction for all subjects.
By providing the results of one of the following:
a) Computerized TOEFL
b) Paper-based TOEFL
c) Internet TOEFL
d) TOEIC (Test of English of International Communication)
e) IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
f) University of Michigan English Proficiency Exam
g) Cambridge ESOL Exams
By taking the St. John International University English Proficiency Exam in place of the standardized ones.

Do I have to know Italian?
No, all classes are held in English. However, SJIU provides also classes of Italian language if you are interested in learning Italian.

How much does it cost?
The MIAA full-time tuition is 9.500 euro per year.
Scholarships partially covering the tuition fees are available.

How do I get a scholarship?
The “MIAA Scholarship” is an academic scholarship which is awarded to full-time graduate students wishing to pursue the field of MIAA at SJIU. The award is granted based on academic merit, contributions to the field, and an essay which clearly indicates the student’s motivation to pursue MIAA. This scholarship is available to incoming students who have an undergraduate Degree with a 3.6 GPA or the equivalent and is renewable if the student maintains a minimum 3.6 GPA. The MIAA Scholarship covers 50% of SJIU tuition for one academic year.

What is the “Prestito d’onore” (Student loan)?
Banca Sella offers “student loans” to SJIU MIAA students. The loan will provide for the entire tuition cost (and additional costs, if needed). The repayment plan will be agreed with the bank as needed, starting 1 year after graduation, over a maximum of 14 years.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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