MA International Affairs

Lebanese American University

Program Description

MA International Affairs

Lebanese American University

The M.A. in International Affairs Program provides an intellectually rigorous training in the recent history of world politics; the interplay between governments, economic systems and multinational corporations; theories and appropriate research methods. The program offers students the opportunity to thoroughly master major facts, methodologies and theoretical perspectives in the field, as well as to develop analytical and research skills.

Graduates of this master’s program often proceed to further research and careers in academia, while others pursue successful careers in international organizations, foreign affairs and diplomacy, the media, government, business and finance.

Students need 30 credits for the major (9 for the core and 21 for other requirements).


This program requires 30 credits, which can be completed in two years.


Basing itself on the university’s mission, and building on LAU’s B.A. programs in Political Science, and Political Science/International Affairs, the M.A. in International Affairs Program provides students with an in-depth understanding of the main theories, application of research methodologies, and analysis of current debates and topics in international affairs. 

Educational objectives

The purpose of the M.A. in International Affairs Program is to:

  • Prepare graduates for Ph.D. work at reputable institutions of higher learning, mainly in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.
  • Prepare graduates for careers in diplomacy, especially at the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, and the United Nations, and other professional careers at international, regional and local governmental and non-governmental organizations, particularly organizations focusing on developmental, civil society, and post-conflict peace-building issues.
  • Provide students with business-related majors with a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the international system and the policy-making process. 

Learning outcomes

Graduates in the M.A. in International Affairs Program will:

  • Acquire the analytical and writing skills necessary to produce quality research papers, and one capstone research project (i.e. thesis).
  • Employ advanced research and critical thinking skills.
  • Acquire the necessary communicative skills to convey, persuasively, complex ideas and perspectives to different cohorts, namely diplomats, policy makers, public officials, and the media.
  • Apply the skills of diplomacy, negotiations and bargaining, as well as the techniques of conflict resolution.
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Start date
Oct. 2017
2 years
Full time
Start date Oct. 2017
Lebanon Beirut
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Lebanon Byblos
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Duration 2 years
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