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MA In Strategic Prospective (mpe)

Tecnológico de Monterrey

strategic foresight


The scenario of uncertainty surrounding organizations, businesses and institutions meet the challenges of the environment and global vision, requiring them to have specialists that are ahead to the future and can influence it, generating new capabilities to remain in the local, National and international.

The Master of Strategic Foresight contributes to the generation of knowledge to determine the future of public, private and civil society to advance studies on territorial and urban development, investigate the prospects of industry and services, analyze markets, anticipate critical situations in social phenomena and environmental, and propose desirable and probable solutions through public policy approach.



The MSc in Strategic Foresight aims:

  • To train graduates capable of using dynamic analysis approaches ability to integrate quantitative and qualitative to generate innovative options for strategic decision making methodologies.
  • Developing leaders capable of exploring the multiplicity of possible, probable and desirable futures analysis capabilities to identify trends taking into account the capacity of this agency to propose robust strategic plans for private and public institutions.
  • Be a reference in Latin America in the study and implementation of prospective and future studies and contribute to the strengthening of prospective capacities in the region given the marked increase of interest in such studies for governments, companies, organizations civil society and international organizations.
  • To train graduates able to participate in shaping the future through rigorous analysis, focusing on social action in the present under ethical and democratic principles.
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Aspiring to join the program are a heterogeneous group may labor in the public or private sector and are linked to planning processes, policy and innovation processes.

The MSc in Strategic Foresight is aimed at:

  • People involved in strategic planning processes, management and business innovation.
  • public administrators related to policy design.
  • Consultants and strategists from both the public and private sector.
  • Analysts prospects of industrial sectors and / or services in regional and global levels.
  • Business executives who wish to strengthen their decision-making processes.
  • Leaders and employees of non-governmental organizations seeking to strengthen their planning processes and decision-making.
  • Directors of civil society organizations.

It also seeks candidates to join exhibit the following skills, abilities and values ​​which are evaluated at the time of the interview the candidate with the Admissions Committee:


  • oral communication
  • Written communication
  • Saber interrelate
  • Bargaining power
  • Self-management capacity


  • Analysis and synthesis of information
  • Openness to change
  • Identify the value of qualitative and quantitative information

Values ​​ITESM:

  • Innovation
  • Global vision
  • Teamwork
  • Human sense
  • Integrity

Finally, it is expected to have the knowledge that are evaluated Test

<li>Admission to Graduate Studies (PEAP) are:</li> <li>Verbal reasoning</li> <li>Quantitative reasoning</li> <li>Cognitive ability</li> <li>Writing and English</li>




Program taught by teachers with doctorate degree and professional experience of the School of Government and Public Transformation of Tecnológico de Monterrey.


This program has accreditations and recognitions from national and international institutions such as:

  • Program accredited by the National Register of Quality Graduate (PNPC) of COCyT.
  • Commission on Colleges of the Association of Schools and Colleges South America (SACS).
  • Tecnologico de Monterrey is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Association of Schools and Colleges South America to grant professional degrees and degrees of masters and doctorate.
  • National Quality Graduate Program (PNPC) of the National Council of Science and Technology (COCYT).
  • Official recognition of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico.

educational model

the active participation of students in their professional and personal through individual and collaborative learning promotes training. This model also allows students to build their knowledge with the guidance of experienced teachers in their field and teaching.

Learning Methodology-date teaching

In relation to the process of teaching, learning and student assessment, Tecnologico de Monterrey in their efforts to train the profesionista the 21st century, it has launched the Educational Model Tec 21 initiative, which aims to build students competencies, skills and skills required in their future careers. The model features greater flexibility in the curriculum, educational spaces and classrooms at the forefront with a high degree of interaction for students and teachers innovative, highly trained and linked to the practice of their profession. Skills that are promoted under this new model are: Leadership; Entrepreneurial spirit; Ethics, Citizenship and Social Commitment; Commitment to Sustainable Development; oral and written communication in Spanish and English; international / multicultural vision; Innovative thinking; Critical thinking; Troubleshooting and skills of the Master.


Study plan

First trimester

  • EO4002 Microeconomics
  • NB4007 Leadership and Ethics for the exercise of public office
  • NB4008 quantitative methods applied to social sciences

Second quarter

  • OP5053 Elective I
  • RE4015 scenario modeling
  • RE4016 History of social transformations

Third trimester

  • OP5054 Elective II
  • Prospective methods RE4017
  • RE4018 methods for time series forecasting

Fourth trimester

  • OP5055 Elective III
  • RE4019 Strategic Planning
  • RE5010 Capstone Project I

fifth Quarter

  • OP5056 Elective IV
  • RE5011 Capstone Project II


The graduate of the Master in Strategic Foresight ITESM will be able to:


  • systemic view of analysis: analyze and evaluate complex problems as a whole and holistically. Proposals for action will be made by identifying all dimensions addressing the integrity of the problems.
  • Anticipating changes and complex problems: applying analytical tools that enable them to identify global trends and weak signals problems of situations that could jeopardize both public and private organizations at the local, national and international context.
  • Looking forward: analyze and integrate diverse and multidisciplinary information generated visions of possible futures from prospective analysis.
  • Leadership in planning processes: application management tools and group dynamics that enable them to conduct participatory planning sessions to lead a future process.
  • innovative approaches to complex problems: analyzing qualitative and quantitative information that provides a holistic view and understanding of the phenomenon as a whole to deliver innovative solutions from an understanding of everything.


  • Systematically analyze complex problems taking into account the local, national and international economic and socio-political environment.
  • Identify early warnings in the local, regional and global context to enable it to anticipate changes.
  • Designing strategic plans that help the organization to design their future based on the characteristics of their environment.
  • Direct participatory strategic planning processes in private, public organizations and civil society.
  • Identify major global trends and analyze their impact on local, national and international context.
  • Using rigorous to discuss the future and propose plausible to assist decision-making and propose innovative solutions scenarios methodologies.


  • Use robust methods of quantitative analysis
  • Knowing tools to perform rigorous analysis of qualitative information
  • Know how to develop a strategic plan for organizations
  • Using rigorous methodologies to analyze the future
  • Use and develop future scenarios for strategic action


  • Honesty
  • Human sense
  • Transparency
  • Perseverance
  • Responsibility
  • Opening and tolerance
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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