MA In Psychological Intervention In Crises, Emergencies And Disasters

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MA In Psychological Intervention In Crises, Emergencies And Disasters

UAM Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Títulos propios

Despite the great progress and scientific and technical progress achieved by mankind, intervention with vulnerable people is an increasingly recognized and valued by governments, institutions and non-governmental organizations priority. Human suffering in all its manifestations is present throughout the world and help the most vulnerable to improve their vulnerability and generate them good coping strategies and resources is priority for many organizations.

Nature also continues to surprise us again and again with the occurrence of disasters or natural disasters, which many new crises and psychological and social emergencies created by man (armed conflicts, abuse, sexual assault, traffic accidents are added , neglect, immigration, drug use) that threaten the health and welfare of people.

To address these demands and needs training in effective intervention programs and aid to offset and resolve these problems is necessary. Critical events such as disasters, wars, accidents, disasters, epidemics have consequences in people who suffer, health, social and psychological, that undermine their ability to cope with their lives.

In recent years it has been recognized in various scientific forums that is vital to provide victims of critical events a help to relieve emotional distress and empowers people to face the difficulties and rapid recovery, avoiding to the extent that possible the emergence of psychopathological consequences of clinical entity. However, currently there is no degree of expert, specialist or master in Emergency Psychological Intervention lasting less than 35 credits with the exception of this Title.

The Master proposed Psychological Crisis Intervention, Emergencies and Disasters has the characteristic of focusing on the professional, initial and prolonged aid, which can be exercised from current developments in psychology help and self-care potential victims of these types of situations and to contact relatives or caregivers as well as professionals and help of all kinds such as doctors, social workers, nurses, police officers, psychologists and others.



  • Train students for psychological support, which covers all activities that improve the ability of people to work in a stressful situation that is present in the context of a critical event.
  • Provide students so that they can offer help to people in their reactions to crises and accompanied in taking decisions which may have long-term consequences (preventive role).
  • Provide skills to reduce the negative psychological effects short and long term and help people develop self-help skills and confidence, to counteract the emergence of feelings of helplessness and hopelessness own any crisis situation.
  • The overall objective of the master is to train participants in the development of an effective health care response from the psychosocial field, in crisis situations, emergencies and disasters.


The main competencies that the objectives of this study are deducted are:

  • Know the different models of assessment and intervention in Emergency Psychology.
  • To value and integrate different types of individual response to situations of crisis or emergency.
  • To value and integrate the involvement of different psychological aspects in the development of possible psychological disorders and health problems stemming both direct and indirect exposure to a critical event of any kind.
  • Being able to achieve an appropriate level of analysis of the critical situation.
  • Being able to achieve adequate management of material and personal in a situation of crisis, emergency or disaster resources.
  • Know and implement the various protocols in crisis situations, emergency or disaster.
  • To recognize the demand and performance objectives in crisis situations, emergency or disaster.
  • Knowing the basis for selection of the techniques and methods most appropriate intervention to critical event.
  • Know and comply with the ethical obligations of health psychology in general and Emergency psychology in particular.
  • Being able to recognize and accept the ambiguity and complexity of psychological problems, as well as the tentative nature of their explanations and the social context in which they occur.


Spanish Red Cross

Admission requirements and admission:

Given the characteristics of the proposed master is formal requirement of formal training course in psychology, as well as students with the title of degree in psychology well as students with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Will be complementary merits those from curriculum-related activities linked to intervention in crisis situations, emergencies and disasters, collaboration with centers or entities that develop this type of intervention or academic training that allows a better understanding of psychological intervention either of master's degree, expert or training.

The course therefore is aimed at students with a background in psychology accredited universitariamente and especially those that may be linked or related aid institutions and psychological intervention in crisis contexts. .

The selection criteria for admission will be the candidate's CV, and possible confirmation by personal interview by the direction of the master.

Selection criteria:

The selection and admission to academic title corresponds to the body responsible for the program according to specific requirements and student profile. The criteria might include:

  • academic record (25%)
  • Resume (10%)
  • Professional experience (25%)
  • Personal interview (25%)
  • Other previous studies or training (10%)
  • Motivation letter (5%)
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Oct. 6, 2017
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