MA in international communication

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MA in international communication

CEI Interanational Affaris

The traditional communication training has put the emphasis on national realities and contexts surrounding their professional practice.

However, a global environment, the existence of supranational political entities and the speed at which information flows even of new technologies facilitating this traffic, make it necessary to adopt an approach where communication is addressed as a ubiquitous phenomenon, collective actors constantly changing and with a dynamic of its own operation.

If all this we add political, economic and strategic relationships increasingly conditioned by the global stage, the training of experts in communication, along with a background in international relations, are capable of understanding and managing these new realities It becomes an item with obvious added value.

Training of media professionals to develop their practice in an international environment or, on the other hand, communication training of specialists, either by training or by his practice in the world of international relations shows two groups clearly defined for the formation of this master would be a level of experience hitherto little addressed.

In the field of communication and mass media there is a proven knowledge of international reality gap. This is evident with the terminological and conceptual confusion that can be seen in daily newspapers, TV commentators ...

The internationalists teachers witness this and constantly receive requests for assistance from the media in this regard. It is therefore necessary to better train these professionals.


  • Knowledge of the international context from a legal, economic and political perspective, enabling holistic and cross-sectional analyzes from a critical perspective.
  • Operation of the International Relations from knowledge of the main organizations and institutions, and especially of its internal communication practices and its protocols and relationships with other entities.
  • The theoretical and practical tools and strategies to manage communication in multicultural contexts.
  • The domain protocol practice in an international environment as well as the skills to manage teams, leading projects and campaigns in terms of brand or institutional relations.
  • The relationship management Organizations and / or international institutions with Mass Media and planning, implementation and evaluation of potential management campaigns crisis.
  • The development of a best practice competence in oral and written communication in regard to international relations specific to gender.
  • The method of analysis, study and academic research related to the study of communication in international institutional contexts.

Addressed to

The Master is aimed at graduates, graduates and professionals from the field of Communication (Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Audiovisual and related communication) as the field of Social Sciences (law, political science, sociology, etc.) who want to specialize knowledge, organization and communication management in international environments, either from the practical exercise that develops from the media, either from the cabinets, consulting or internal communication departments of international organizations and agencies.

Career prospects

Graduates of the Master may develop their professional work in:

  • Embassies
  • Consulates
  • Communication offices
  • Institutional communication departments of international organizations and agencies
  • Corporate image consulting
  • Sections international mass media information
  • Office of Protocol
  • Equipment mediation and resolution of international conflicts
  • Press offices of political, social, business, non-governmental entities; lobbies
  • Etc.
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Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2019
1 year
Part time
6,000 EUR
6,000 Euros + 70 Euros administration costs of the UB
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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