MA Globalisation and Development Studies

Maastricht University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Program Description

MA Globalisation and Development Studies

Maastricht University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Globalisation & Dev. Studies

This one-year, interdisciplinary, social science programme focuses on how Globalisation dynamics affect developing areas. It provides a sound basis through theory, issues and methods pertaining to globalisation and development while offering elective courses in contemporary globalisation issues of relevance for developing countries. It deals with problems of inequality, poverty, and vulnerability and investigates new possibilities for transformation and emancipation offered by new global actors such as emerging economies, migrant diasporas and transnational activist groups.

GDS provides students with a broad knowledge of globalisation and development theories, concepts and empirical cases while giving in-depth knowledge of perspectives –such as ‘transnationalism’ and ‘science, technology and society studies for development (STS)' – that emphasize micro-level linkages between actors on a global scale, showing how in the Global North as well as within the Global South, micro-level linkages give rise to global trends and perspectives. The programme focuses on how globalisation trends are affecting and interconnecting different areas of the globe while marginalizing others and how they produce diverse ‘local’ responses. While acknowledging the role of state and market in processes of globalisation and development, its emphasis is on social forces by focusing on processes of globalisation ‘from the ground up’, as they are experienced in everyday lives: it emphasizes local actors such as migrant diasporas, small firms, families, indigenous communities, non-governmental organisations and their actions in dealing with global issues such as increasing inequalities, the introduction of modern technologies, multinational firms conducting natural resource extraction, and global health issues such as HIV/AIDS. GDS gives students a strong link with the professional world by offering multiple ways of gaining hands-on experiences, either through an internship or fieldwork. Students can thus take advantage of the numerous links the academic staff of the programme have with national and international organizations, government agencies, and research projects. This gives students the vital skills, experience and knowledge required in the field of Globalisation and Development both in academia and the professional world.

The Master of Arts in Globalisation and Development Studies (GDS) prepares students for academic and professional careers in the field of globalisation and development.

Fast Facts

Globalisation and Development Studies at Maastricht University…

  • is a one-year selective, international and interdisciplinary Master of Arts programme,
  • is taught in English,
  • combines theoretical work with multiple ways of gaining hands-on experiences, through internship or fieldwork,
  • supports the acquisition and use of multi- and inter-disciplinary skills and methods,
  • utilises a combination of methodologies including Problem-Based Learning,
  • has a majority of international students, representing on average 17 different nationalities,
  • gives ample opportunities to fine tune the programme through electives, allowing students to combine social science and humanities backgrounds with other academic disciplines,
  • ensures the international character of the programme by the composition of its staff, its recruitment of students, and close contacts with organisations and universities in the Global South.

Summer School

If you would like to come to Maastricht earlier in the summer in order to settle in, you might think about taking a language course or attending the Maastricht summer school for 2, 4 or 6 weeks.

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Start date
Sept. 2017
1 year
Full time
2,006 EUR
June 1, 2017
*Non-EU Applicants - 1 May 2017 / EU Applicants - 1 June 2017
Start date Sept. 2017
Netherlands Maastricht
Application deadline June 1, 2017
*Non-EU Applicants - 1 May 2017 / EU Applicants - 1 June 2017
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Duration 1 year
Price 2,006 EUR