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Program Description

Program Description

Join this part-time Masters Program to learn how to drive change by taking a fresh approach to problem-solving, design thinking, business transformation and leadership. The program is validated by our partner university Teesside and has been developed with industry experts. This means you can combine obtaining a degree with getting the skills you need to shape your future.

Drive Change

Being a MA Digital Management student means that you will study whilst working and apply new insights and learnings to your work and life directly. You’ll learn how to tackle change with the mindset and leadership to seize the opportunities of digitalization, complexity and uncertainty. You’ll explore the latest theories, frameworks and tools in data & technology, business transformation, team development and innovation. You’ll also build capability in design thinking, business modelling, platform design, organizational change and together develop impactful solutions exploring data and artificial intelligence.

Career-Focused Curriculum

The program has five practical group projects and one independent research project. Industry experts lead the practical projects. You will learn through a range of interactive talks, hands-on workshops, team challenges, and deep reflection.

The average time commitment is 1.5 days per week, which includes 3 campus days a month, independent work, and research in your workplace.

  • Design Thinking: Explore Design Thinking tools and processes and dig into related areas like service design and human-centered design to solve complex problems.

  • Digital Technologies: Understand the power of emerging digital technologies through theoretical discussions and hands-on workshops.

  • Business Transformation: Work with business development using cutting-edge business modeling techniques, case studies, and user journeys.

  • Managing Projects and Teams: Navigate your way through complex agile processes and understand human behavior in teams.

  • Innovation Project: Apply all your previous learnings to create your own innovative project. You'll research, develop, and test new ideas, or transform existing ones, in an area of your choice.

  • Industry Research Project: Find a problem in your industry and work to solve it. In place of the traditional Master's thesis, you will identify a problem, prototype solutions, and share insights based on your research.


UK/EU: £14 000. Non UK/EU: £17 000.


Following successful completion of the program, students receive a Master of Arts Degree in Digital Management from Teesside University, our validating partner.

What are the program requirements?

Program requirements

All applicants must hold either a Bachelor’s degree or have a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant professional experience at a level which demonstrates a sophisticated knowledge, understanding, and application in their discipline. In addition, the applicant should be employed to be able to put the learnings of the degree into practice.

Additionally, a letter is required from your employer which proves they'll support you during the campus days as well as to do the coursework.

Our students work for amazing companies and organizations

What our alumni think of the program

“The last thing that I had expected during the last year was to meet and bond with such an amazing group of people from all around the world. The support and motivation that we shared with each other was an absolute must to get through this year. I wouldn’t have thought that bringing people with the same objectives together in London for just 3 days a month could bring such powerful results!”

Adonis Bou Chakra

Global Design Manager at Sennheiser

“What I really liked about Hyper Island was being in a constant feedback loop. Learning new, going to work, applying it, and then going back to studying and exploring. It was a constant input of new ideas with the ability to apply them directly. I really liked this aspect and it was a good decision for me to study part-time at Hyper Island.

Raphael Reber

CEO @ Zeilenwerk

Raphael was recognized in Forbes 30 under 30

Last updated Aug 2020

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Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Our range of immersive programs and courses seeks to ... Read More

Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Our range of immersive programs and courses seeks to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead the change and begin a journey of lifelong learning. Read less
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