MA Anthropological Research Methods and Nepali

Duration: 2 years

Entry Requirements: Applicants will need to produce documented evidence of language learning ability (a language A level or equivalent, or successful completion of an undergraduate language course).

Start of programme: September.

Mode of Attendance: Full-time.

Who is this programme for?

  • Students who wish to conduct doctoral-level research in Nepal, or in preparation for professional employment in e.g. a government agency or international NGO.

This is the only Masters-level programme offered anywhere in the world that provides students who intend to proceed to conduct anthropological research (broadly defined) in Nepal with the necessary skills (disciplinary, linguistic, methodological).

What will this programme give the student an opportunity to achieve?

  • The ability to read, write, speak and understand Nepali to a level suitable for field research in Nepal.
  • A grounding in the scholarly literature on Nepali history, society and culture.
  • Expertise in anthropological theory and practice that will provide a basis for research in a Nepali context.


Year 1

Students take a 1.0 unit Nepali language course (either Nepali Language 1 or Nepali Language 2); 1.0 unit Culture and Conflict in the Himalaya; 1.0 unit Theoretical Approaches in Social Anthropology (or other anthropology options, chosen in consultation with programme convenor, for students with equivalent anthropology training); 0.5 unit Media Production Skills; and 0.5 units of anthropology options.

Summer break between years 1 and 2

Two weeks of intensive Nepali language tuition at SOAS after the June exams, followed by two months in Kathmandu, attached to the Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Bishwo Bhasa Campus of Tribhuvan University. At the end of the summer students will be required to submit a 5000-word preliminary fieldwork report and research proposal, accompanied by a 500-word abstract written in Nepali.

Year 2

Students take the following courses: 1.5 unit Nepali for researchers; 1.0 unit Anthropological Research Methods (0.5 units Ethnographic Research Methods in term 1 and 0.5 units in Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Social Research in term 2). They also attend the compulsory weekly MPhil Research Training Seminar in anthropology and write a 15,000 word MA Dissertation.

Language courses will be assessed through a mixture of written papers and oral examinations.

Non-language courses will be assessed on the basis of coursework essays and written papers.

Year 1

  • African and Asian Cultures in Britain 15PANH009 (15credits) Term 2
  • African and Asian Diasporas in the Modern World 15PANH010 (15credits) Term 1
  • Anthropological approaches to agriculture, food and nutrition 15PANH053 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Anthropology of Human Rights (PG) 15PANH058 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Anthropology of Law 15PANH056 (15credits) Term 2
  • Directed Practical Study in the Anthropology of Food 15PANH045 (15credits) Full Year
  • Issues in Anthropology and Film 15PANH022 (15credits) Term 1
  • Issues in the Anthropology of Gender 15PANH024 (15credits) Term 2
  • Issues in Mind, Culture and Psychiatry 15PANH032 (15credits) Term 2
  • Media Production Skills 15PANH050 (15credits) Term 2
  • Perspectives On Development 15PANH033 (15credits) Term 1
  • Religions on the move: New Currents and Emerging Trends in Global Religion 15PANH055 (15credits) Term 1
  • Therapy and Culture 15PANH027 (15credits) Term 1
  • Theoretical Approaches to Social Anthropology 15PANC008 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Tourism and Travel: A Global Perspective 15PANH059 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Culture and Conflict in the Himalaya 15PSAC291 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Nepali Language 1 (PG) 15PSAC298 (30 credits) Full Year

Summer Break

Fieldwork report and research proposal.

Year 2

  • Dissertation in Anthropology and Sociology 15PANC999 (60 credits) Full Year
  • Nepali for Researchers 15PSAC312 (45 credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Research Methods in Anthropology 15PANC011 (30 credits) Full Year
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