M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management


Program Description

Supply Chain Management

The program aims at educating and training leaders of tomorrows to deal with complex problems using management and engineering skills. It is open for all students with a strong interest in the topic who are willing to learn and work hard. Knowledge in related areas is helpful, but no prerequisite. Frequently, students from other disciplines than engineering or business administration are admitted and receive a very good GPA. Whereas the bachelor program in Industrial Engineering and Management at Jacobs University mainly focuses on production processes, the graduate program Supply Chain Management, in addition, concentrates on describing, analyzing, and designing logistics systems and thus supply chains. The overarching aim is to provide the students with tools and insights about how the performance and robustness of global logistics systems and supply chains can be achieved and sustainably maintained. This program has been designed and implemented in close cooperation with industry and international partner universities. Thus, students will benefit from a broad exposure to »real world« challenges and academic excellence.


A unique feature of this graduate study program is the outstanding combination of the engineering perspective and the management perspective on an equal footing. Engineering aspects will be combined and intertwined with management skills in order to provide the students with a sustainable and holistic portfolio of competencies. This refers to the fact that evidently a product must be developed and produced before it can be sold and eventually delivered.

The other unique feature of this study program is its blended learning approach. Different forms and types of learning “technologies” are combined. Lectures provide the students with basic knowledge and create motivation. Case studies deepen the understanding and know-how independently and according to individual needs and interests. Seminars lead students towards working on subjects on their own using literature and train presentation skills. Project workshops train students to solve tasks in teams and prepare for working eventually on the project of the master thesis.

Among others, courses offered within this program cover Strategic & Innovation Management for Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Production Systems Design, Management of Logistics Service Providers, Business Continuity Management, Project Management, Ethics & Sustainable Business. Other courses focus on Modelling & Simulation, on legal aspects, on Communication & Presentation Skills, Leading Teams, and Groups, or Intercultural Competence & Management for Leaders in Business.A strong focus lies on the integration of practical hands-on experiences in courses (Guided Industrial Project) and beyond (a recommended internship during summer break).

Career Options

The program prepares students either for an executive career in the logistics industry and beyond or for a scientific career at a university or a research institute. It is the major aim to enable students to successfully transfer their scientific profound knowledge to a professional working environment. Concerning the scientific perspective, the program offers training in a wide range of aspects of logistics areas.

Students with an M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management will find a wide range of attractive career options, in the dynamic and interesting field of logistics and beyond. So far, the employment rate of the program's predecessor is close to 100% within the first 12 months after graduation. Frequently, students get job offers already during their last year at Jacobs University. Among others, so far graduates entered industries such as logistics departments of car manufacturers, the food industry, or the aerospace industry. They work for international operating railway transportation companies or business consultancies.

Ín the very same way, graduates of the new program Supply Chain Management are qualified to opt for a career in academia, in governmental institutions, international organizations, business associations, the media, and non-profit organizations. Due to their experience working and living with students from about 100 countries on Jacobs University’s international campus, graduates are well-prepared to take on responsibility in multicultural work environments.

They have a specific advantage competing for jobs that require not only basic skills and qualifications in the field of logistics, but also intercultural skills, as well as practical problem-solving skills and methods meant to deal with challenges in a globalized world. Such jobs are increasingly offered in all institutions mentioned above, but specifically in international organizations, multinational corporations, and governmental institutions.

Last updated Oct 2020

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