M.Sc. in Stochastics and Data Science

University of Turin

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M.Sc. in Stochastics and Data Science

University of Turin


One of the leading job figures of the 21th century is going to be that of data scientist. Jobs analysts have been ranking Mathematicians, Statisticians and Data Scientists among the best and most requested jobs:

  • Harvard Business Review: Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century;
  • Glassdoor: Data Scientist rated as the no. 1 job in 2016;
  • Forbes: number of Data Scientists doubled over the last four years;
  • McKinsey: Big data, the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity;
  • LinkedIn ranks Statistical Analysis and Data Mining as the hottest skill in 2014;
  • CareerCast ranks Mathematician and Statistician among the top 3 jobs in 2014;
  • New York Times: Bayesian statistics are rippling through everything from physics to cencer research, ecology to psychology.

The M.Sc. in Stochastics and Data Science is a two-year graduate course that aims at preparing students with a modern education in advanced probabilistic, statistical and computational methods.

Inspired by the best programs in Data Science recently started in the USA and Europe, this course brings together the expertise and international standing of three different departments of the University of Torino to create a unique chance for obtaining a solid degree in Data Science at low university fees. The Program is entirely taught in English and will also feature course modules taught by visiting professor who are internationally recognised experts of their respective areas.

Graduates in Stochastics and Data Science will possess a solid knowledge in key topics of Applied Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Computer Science and Machine Learning. These are nowadays essential tools for performing mathematical modelling under uncertainty and for analysing complex, high dimensional datasets with a deep mathematical understanding of the underneath structures.

They will be able to work in technological companies, research institutions, banks and insurance companies, financial sector, industries (of all sectors), universities, public administrations, laboratories and research centres in the fields of medicine, biology, ecology, social sciences. Alternatively, those more interested in proceeding with PhD studies, will have gained a solid background which allows to enter programs in Statistics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Computer Science, Economics and Mathematical Finance, among other topics.


Torino is a beautiful city located in the north west part of Italy, relatively close to France and Switzerland. Surrounded by the Alps, which are visible from the city center in bright days, it is at one hour drive from ski resorts and less than two hours drive from the soothing Tyrrhenian sea.

The first capital of Italy, Torino is classic in style but modern in nightlife, and is nowadays one of the most thriving Italian cities appreciated for the quality of food and restaurants, and the extremely broad range of offer for hanging out.


Tuition fees for Master's programs at the University of Torino depend on family income and usually range between 600 and 2800 € per year. More detailed information is available through the Master webpage.

Limited scholarships for international students are available from:

  • University of Torino;
  • Piedmont Regional Agency for the Right to Education.

Early applications are strongly suggested.


Please visit the course webpage for further details http://www.master-sds.unito.it

This school offers programs in:
  • English

Last updated March 17, 2017
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2017
2 years
Full time
1,500 EUR
Italy - Turin
Start date: Sept. 2017
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Sept. 2017
Italy - Turin
Application deadline Request Info
End date Request Info
Fees will depend on family income and never exceed 2800€/year