M.Sc. in Management


Program Description

The Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa offers a Master of Science in Management (M.Sc. in Management) Program in response to an unmet need for individuals that are trained to think creatively and in a scientifically-informed manner about problems of organizational management, particularly in the context of innovation management and entrepreneurship.

The program builds on the expertise and established research records of professors from the Telfer School of Management in the areas of innovation management, entrepreneurship, as well as other key management disciplines, such as strategic human resources management.

Program Mission

The mission of the program is to train experts who can contribute to academic excellence and influence change in society by undertaking and disseminating rigorous academic, applied, and policy research in management.

The program will promote excellence in scholarship and nurture the thinking and creative skills of students.

Fields of Study

Innovation Management

Research in this field will address:

  • the creation, development, and commercialization of new technologies, products, and processes.
  • the management of research and development in government and corporations.
  • inter-organizational relationships, innovation theories, and practices.
    the impact of globalization on the innovativeness and competitiveness of firms, industries, and nations.
  • systems of innovation and innovation policy.


Research in this field will address:

  • a broad range of academic disciplines such as management, finance, economics, sociology and psychology in the context of the development of new, start-up, and small enterprises.
  • the growth and development of new firms and organizations.
  • how small and larger organizations, government departments, and non-profit organizations take up new directions aligned with new market realities.
  • the development of individuals’ creative capacities through the exploration of concepts such as search and discovery, idea evaluation, divergent thinking.

Customized Program

Students in the M.Sc. in Management program are not forced to specialize in one of the two fields described above. They also have the choice to pick from the various elective courses offered within the program and thus tailor their training to their specific interests. For example, students can choose to focus their program on Human Resources Management (HRM).

Last updated May 2018