M.Sc. students must complete at least 36 credit hours, within the following Guidelines:

  • Course-work of 18 credit hours, including two core courses of 6 credit hours (3 credit hours each), elective courses of 9 credit hours and a project-based Learning course of 3 credit hours.
  • Thesis-work of 18 credit hours

M.Sc. students have to pass successfully 6 courses with three credit hours each before applying for the thesis.


Core Courses:

  • BIO 501: Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
  • BIO 502: Advanced Microbiology and Microbiological Techniques

Elective Courses:

Students should select 3 courses of 9 credit hours (3 credit hours each).

Students can select, with the aid of their academic advisors, elective courses from other science or engineering disciplines.

  • BIO 503: Advanced enzymology and cofactors
  • BIO 504: Hormones (biosynthesis and action)
  • BIO 505: Techniques of cell and tissue cultures
  • BIO 506: Molecular bases of plant stresses
  • BIO 507: Biotechnology and food industry
  • BIO 508: Bioethics and bio-safety in biotechnology

Project-Based Learning Courses:

M.Sc. students have to participate in one of the following teamwork projects, which are based on self-learning. Students have to present innovative concepts and competitive solutions.

  • BIO 701: Project-Based Learning in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • BIO 702: Project-Based Learning in Food Biotechnology

M.Sc. Thesis:

The M.Sc. candidate should prepare and defend a Thesis based on high-valued research work in one research topic in the fields of Biotechnology.

  • BIO 801: M.Sc. Thesis

About the Department

Department of Biotechnology covers research areas that range from understanding the nature and / or the molecular basis of biological processes that involve biological systems, living organisms or derivatives to making or modifying products that will be used in biological applications. The department offers postgraduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) programs in Biotechnology. Members of the department have strong research activities and collaboration with many local and international academic institutions/research centers. The Department aims at developing interdisciplinary research projects that will help to solve national and international problems. To promote such track, members and graduate students of the department of biotechnology will be encouraged to collaborate with scientists and researchers from different specialties either in BAS, E-JUST, local and international research centers. The Department is also encouraging students to be familiar with the technology developed by the engineers at E-JUST and seek the applications of such technology to solve biological problems.

Program taught in:
  • English

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