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Textile Engineering in Germany

Germany is the primary location for researching and developing new technologies in textile production in the world. It is also one of the biggest producers of technical textiles. RWTH Aachen's Institute for Textile Technology (ITA) is a forerunner in this field and has frequently been honored for its innovations in textile engineering (e.g. it won the Techtextil Innovation Award in 2015).

An International, Interdisciplinary Master

This course enables you to work in diverse industries worldwide, for example, aviation, automobile industry, filter technology and directly in textile engineering and construction. You will look into developing and constructing textile machinery, new operations, and production processes, as well as manufacturing and processing natural and synthetic fabrics. You will also explore the development and research of new fabrics, including the use of composite materials. You will acquire professional competencies in textile engineering and textile technology as well as cross-disciplinary social and personal skills through integrative and interdisciplinary teaching methods.

A textile engineer is someone who:

  • develops a nano-composite material for high-performance textiles,
  • invents new fiber-reinforced plastic materials for application in aeronautics or car racing such as “Formula 1”,
  • develops advanced polymer blend technology for product improvements in textiles and composites,
  • improves and develops innovative methods in the production of fiber-reinforced plastic materials,
  • designs smart fibers which are able to monitor vital signs to support more independence to those with cardiovascular disease treatment,

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You will learn how to:

  • design machines
  • develop new products, new processes and new machines
  • improve existing textile products, processes, and machines
  • simulate textile products, processes, and machines.

The compulsory courses for this program are mostly taught in English, while some of the elective courses and research projects starting in the 2nd semester are in German. This prepares you for a possible future career in the German textile industry or academia. You must, therefore, have acquired basic German language skills (A1) by October, when you will be enrolled at the university. You can come to Aachen and learn German from scratch, getting up to A1 level with the Master's Prep Course (see below for more details).

Master's Prep Course Textile Engineering

RWTH International Academy offers a preparatory Textile Engineering Master's College with German language courses as well as technical courses prior to the start of the semester. You can, therefore, come to Aachen without any German knowledge and get up to the required A1 level prior to the beginning of your Master studies. The courses will start in Mid-August and run until the beginning of October. The course will start with the very basics in August and will last for 6 weeks (Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day).

Alongside German courses, you can also cover any knowledge gaps in technical areas with specific Master's Prep courses offered in thermodynamics, mechanics, and machine design.

In addition, during your free time, you will be included in a social program with excursions and events to get to know the city and university. More information: https://www.academy.rwth-aachen.de/en/education-formats/msc-degree-programs/textile-engineering/masters-prep-courses

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You can apply for this program through our online application portal:


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Aachen(Aix-La-Chapelle), the westernmost city in Germany, accommodates not only the Aachen Cathedral, designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence. Read less
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