M.A. in Museum Professions


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Program Description

Earn your M.A. in Museum Professions

Curate your future and join our elite group of alumni, employed throughout the country’s most prestigious cultural institutions and organizations.

Graduate Studies within the College of Communication and the Arts is an exciting community of scholars, theorists, researchers, and professionals. One common feature among all of our programs is a commitment to excellence. Faculty is comprised of internationally recognized researchers and industry professionals. A cutting-edge curriculum incorporates the latest technology and trends, keeping you a cut above the rest.

The M.A. Museum Professions program has traditionally offered a blend of online and campus-based courses. In the current circumstances, we plan to offer students the opportunity to participate either on-campus or remotely. 

The Museum Professions Degree

Our 39-credit program is designed to both prepare students for careers in museums and to further refine and enhance the current museum professional’s skill set.

With four advanced areas of study to choose from, this program blends theory with practice by equipping our graduates with tangible skills that are essential for career growth, including effective communication; the skillset to manage people, projects and finance; intercultural competence and cross-disciplinary thinking

Museum Education

Explore education theory, human development, museum programming, and technology usage.

Courses include:

  • Museum Education
  • Museums and Communities
  • Audience Research and Project Evaluation

Museum Management

Launch your career as a museum administrator or advancement professional by exploring topics such as grantsmanship, fundraising, volunteer management, and marketing.

Courses include:

  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Museums
  • Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
  • Leadership and Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Museum Registration

Discover skills needed to perfect museum collections, such as museum storage, handling, inventorying, shipping, and displays.

Courses include:

  • Object Care
  • Museum Registration
  • Introduction to Archives Management for Museum Professionals

Exhibition Development

Prepare for conceiving and executing engaging museum exhibitions while gaining hands-on experience in exhibition development.

Courses include:

  • Museum Registration
  • Museum Exhibitions A-Z
  • Producing an Exhibition

Flexibility for the Working Professional

Since many students in the program work full time, we offer convenient evening class times that often meet just once per week. Our proximity to New York City puts you in a prime position to easily take advantage of world-class museums and robust internship opportunities.

Education for You, Value for Your Employer

Immersive learning experiences combining theory with practical skills allow you to put your knowledge to use in the workplace both immediately and over time. Employers may be assured that an investment in an employee’s education will pay off when it comes to workplace excellence, as well as:

  • Critical and strategic planning abilities, both collaboratively and interculturally
  • Technology and data fluency
  • Systems leadership and strategic agility
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts and colleagues
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The College of Communication and the Arts is a premier choice for students seeking a high quality, interdisciplinary communication and arts degree that is based on a sound liberal arts education, embr ... Read More

The College of Communication and the Arts is a premier choice for students seeking a high quality, interdisciplinary communication and arts degree that is based on a sound liberal arts education, embraces today's digital culture, and empowers students to lead, create, and communicate with responsibility, passion and excellence. Read less