M.A. Geography: Culture, Environment and Tourism

University of Passau

Program Description

M.A. Geography: Culture, Environment and Tourism

University of Passau

About the programme

This accredited master's programme in Geography allows you to combine regional science and tourism research and specialise in one of seven cultural world regions while learning the corresponding foreign language. This subject combination is unique in Germany.

The programme features compulsory modules in business, economics and cultural studies, based on the University's tremendously successful International Cultural and Business Studies (ICBS) programme. While studying this programme, you will develop the skill set required to tackle complex issues in regional development and tourism using integrative and interdisciplinary approaches. In-depth regional knowledge and extensive intercultural competence round off the profile of this hands-on programme of study.


  • A combination of subjects that is unique in Germany
  • Core subjects: cultural and environmental geography; regional science and tourism; management and marketing; and interdisciplinary regional and tourism analysis
  • Specialise in a world region of your choice and learn the corresponding language
  • Make your own research projects part of the programme, focusing on regional studies and tourism

Programme Syllabus

The programme consists of three module groups: A) Core modules

The core modules give you an overview of the principal topics and problems of the relevant geographic subjects (cultural and environmental geography, regional studies and tourism) in regional contexts, as well as management and marketing. During the ‘Vor Ort’ excursion at the beginning of the programme, you will have an opportunity to discuss fundamental questions of tourism and regional development with other students, lecturers and guest speakers.

You will complete the following four core modules in this group:

  1. Cultural and environmental geography
  2. Regional studies and tourism, including the ‘Vor Ort’ excursion
  3. Management and marketing
  4. Interdisciplinary regional and tourism analysis
  5. Cultural studies focus modules

You will specialise in one of the following world regions: the anglophone world, east-central Europe, the francophone world, the Ibero-Romance area, the Italian cultural area, Southeast Asia or Germany. Module group B consists entirely of cultural studies modules and a foreign language programme.

C) Regional science and tourism profile modules Research-focused teaching and learning is the remit and the objective of the profile modules, which uses an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to facilitate the transition from directed study to independent research in regional and tourism studies.

Master's thesis As part of the programme, you will write a thesis on a topic chosen from the profile modules (module group C) or one of the core modules 1–4 in module group A.

Upon completion of the degree programme, you will have earned a total of 120 ECTS credits.

Language requirements

You will need good German language skills to study this degree programme, as that is the main language of instruction for this programme. Therefore, you will have to provide a recognised German language certificate when enrolling for the programme, unless you can demonstrate that German was the language of instruction for your secondary school education (e.g. Abitur at a German international school) or your first undergraduate degree (i.e. a German-taught bachelor's degree programme).

The University of Passau has set up a German language teaching unit, German Courses Passau, which offers a selection of preparatory language programmes tailored to the needs of international students. These range from summer courses to a full academic year and cater to learners of all levels.

In addition, you should have English language skills equivalent to UNIcert® level II or level B2 of the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR).

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Oct. 2018
4 - 6 semesters
Full time
72 EUR
EUR 72 per semester for student services & bus pass
Germany - Obernzell, Bavaria
Start date : Oct. 2018
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Oct. 2018
Germany - Obernzell, Bavaria
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