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Qualification: Master in Neuromanagement and Talent Management issued by ISEP

The Master in Neuromanagement and Talent Management provides a complete and comprehensive training in all aspects that affect the work practice of executives in training . Its objective is focused on the acquisition of adequate technical and personal skills for the development of a professional, effective and responsible activity .

In the field of neuromanagement, there is an inevitable increase in research given the need to understand behavioral processes and neuronal mechanisms , through which human beings establish a communication in the field of the company. Researchers have new perspectives on the behavior of employees, which undoubtedly will influence the profitability and success of the company. In this sense, it is necessary to deepen it to manage the human talent of organizations.

This master's degree gives the student the possibility of carrying out a specific training itinerary from an eminently practical perspective, based on the study of cases, and the application of various didactic strategies focused on achieving a contextualized and significant professional performance.

The student, guided by a team of experts in neuroscience and human talent management, with a recognized professional career, will obtain specialized and practical training that will allow them to work in a multidisciplinary way in organizational and social contexts, which guarantees an effective professional practice and responsible.

Master's Program in Neuromanagement and Talent Management

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of neurophysiology and cognitive processes.
  • Module 2: Strategic Neuromanagement and human talent.
  • Module 3: Integrated management of human talent.
  • Module 4: Neuromarketing
  • Module 5: Executive coaching
  • Module 6: Financial bases for managers.
  • Module 7: Team Neurolideracy.
  • Module 8: Negotiation techniques.
  • Module 9: quality, welfare and occupational health.
  • Module 10: Effective institutional organization. Management of time and stress.
  • Module 11: Neuropsychology and organizational behavior.
  • Module 12: ISEP Leads. Develop your professional project and personal brand.
  • Module 13: Practices.
  • Module 14: Master's Final Project.

Competences of the Master in Neuromanagement and Talent Management

  • Use neuromanagement as a strategic tool to take advantage of human talent within an organization.
  • Improve the negotiating techniques and know the phases to be carried out to properly prepare a negotiation.
  • Identify, analyze and apply the competences of the neuroliderazgo that facilitate the adequate management of the different personal and organizational situations to obtain the expected results in the performance of the individual functions and work teams.
  • Analyze the different competencies that a coach needs to develop in order to carry out effective coaching accompaniments and promote the processes of necessary changes that the collaborator has to carry out in order to achieve their objectives.
  • Understand how the personality of the individual, their attitude and degree of development of their interpersonal skills affects organizational and group behavior.
  • Establish the existing link between neuropsychology and organizational behavior as a detection tool and corresponding treatment of cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems.
  • Apply appropriately HR planning techniques allowing a successful anticipation of future events that may affect the functioning of the organization.
  • Use neuroscience as a way to optimize human resources through an adequate knowledge management of the organization's staff.
  • Understand and create a personal branding plan to achieve a defined personal brand.

Recipients of the Master in Neuromanagement and Talent Management

The Master in Neuromanagement and Talent Management is aimed at graduates of any area wishing to expand their knowledge, techniques and competencies to lead organizations and the development of their human talent , guaranteeing adequate intervention. In this sense, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge, since the necessary measures are established for any student to achieve the objectives and have an adequate follow-up of the academic syllabus and, therefore, the learning in this area of specialization.

ISEP Leads

ISEP provides its students with the ISEP Lidera program for their personal and professional development. It is an additional training, free of charge and totally optional, which allows developing skills to achieve success.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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