Master in Cybersecurity


Program Description

The Master in Cybersecurity is a 300-hour classroom program aimed at STEM professionals seeking to understand the main vulnerabilities of coding and master the keys to advanced cybersecurity. This program will prepare you for the exam to obtain the CISSP and CISM certifications.

Make your way as a cybersecurity expert

In 2018, 9 out of 10 companies reported at least one serious attack on their systems, and it is estimated that in total they left $ 11.5 million in losses. For this reason, cybersecurity profiles are among the most sought after and highest paid in the world.

Program Data

Methodology: Part-Time | Blended Place: IMMUNE Campus: Paseo de la Castellana 89 Duration:
5 Months - 18 Weeks
Hours: Friday 17.00-22.00 / Saturdays 10.00-15.00 Language: Materials in English, Classes in Spanish Next Call:
October 30, 2020

Who is it for?

Student profile:

Developers, IT and Cybersecurity professionals who want:

  • Level your professional career and assume positions of greater responsibility.
  • Improve your skills in the area of cybersecurity.
  • Solve a specific cybersecurity problem in your company or reduce risks.
  • Obtain a solid foundation to take the cybersecurity certification exams.
  • Professionals who want to retrain and change their career path.

Company profiles:

  • STEM companies and startups that seek to train their Operations teams to better manage the security of the company's systems, platforms and products.
  • Financial technology and financial organizations that recognize the importance of information and aim to address your cybersecurity risk.
  • Companies from any sector that are in the process of digital transformation and want to level up the leadership of their team.

software development, guest post, content writing

What will you learn?

We teach you everything you need to know to program fully shielded computer systems against high-risk attacks.

  • You will be able to identify the vulnerabilities that affect the code. You will face different hacking scenarios from which you will have to defend yourself.
  • A comprehensive curriculum with the perfect balance between practical cases, theoretical knowledge of cybersecurity and the development of soft skills.


Case to be Solved

We evolved from the traditional “case study” to the “case to be solved” where students learn by solving unsolved cases that companies contribute.

Human Sciences

To be an expert in cybersecurity you have to go beyond the technical part: that's why we educate you for Data Visualization and Presentation Skills.

Learning by Doing

Knowledge is acquired naturally through a 100% practical learning methodology that condenses key theoretical knowledge.

Academic Plan

  • Level 1: Principles of cybersecurity
    This module will present how cybersecurity and cybercrime evolved until it became a profession. Basic concepts such as the Principle of Least Privilege will be part of this module. Case: "Password container"
  • Level 2: Network and platform security
    It is focused on the most "traditional" security: cybersecurity of networks, operating systems and platforms in general. SisTopics auditing techniques will be studied in depth. Finally, the security of industrial SCADA systems and the Internet of things. These platforms have their own differential aspects that will be analyzed and studied separately. Case: "Capture the flag"
  • Level 3: Application Security
    The most successful intrusions now occur through vulnerable applications. This module consists of analyzing the attack techniques of web (mainly) and native applications. It also includes SecDevOps, which is nothing more than including security in the process and methodologies to develop insurance from its early stages. Case: "Your tickets please"
  • Level 4: Cyber intelligence and incident response
    This is not a simulacrum! It manages malware attacks with an emphasis on ransomware, forensics and the use of cyber intelligence. Case: "01:17 AM"
  • Level 5: The future of cybersecurity
    Applications and techniques that are not yet used, but will undoubtedly be in the near future and should be known. These trends will be taught in weekly master classes.

Working with a computer


Mandatory Knowledge:

Basic knowledge of Linux (possibility of taking an introductory course).

Recommended Knowledge:

Advanced English level.

  1. Entrance exam
    Show your skills!
  2. Evaluation of your CV
    We will analyze your professional experience, as well as your projects and interests.
  3. Personal interview
    We want to meet you and understand why you think this program is ideal for you.

Financing and Scholarships

Explore your options to start building your future!

At IMMUNE we are very committed to the development of technical skills and STEAM careers and we have reached agreements with various corporates to offer the following scholarships:

  • Company Scholarships
  • Talent Scholarships
  • ONCE Foundation Scholarship
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IMMUNE Technology Institute es una comunidad viva de conocimiento donde la tecnología y las ideas son el motor de crecimiento. Impulsamos un sistema único de enseñanza en el que el aprendizaje se adqu ... Read More

IMMUNE Technology Institute es una comunidad viva de conocimiento donde la tecnología y las ideas son el motor de crecimiento. Impulsamos un sistema único de enseñanza en el que el aprendizaje se adquiere a través de la resolución de retos reales del mundo profesional, de la mano de empresas líderes del sector tecnológico. Read less