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With the Master's Degree in Audiovisual Production from the Universidad Francisco De Vitoria you can specialize and become a qualified radio or television professional.

Do not wait any longer and become a professional in the audiovisual sector. Radio and television demand professionals with your profile!


Production and realization are two fundamental disciplines for the success or failure of an audiovisual product. Both are an art and require specialization and management of various techniques, ranging from the elementary to more complicated concepts.

The Master in Production and Audiovisual Realization of the UFV arises from the need to train professionals of communication that dominate both the field of production and the realization . Its objective is to respond to a business demand in the audiovisual sector aimed at improving the effectiveness of management and innovating in the aesthetic and quality approaches of informative audiovisual products.

With this master's degree in TV and Radio production, you will be able to prepare and plan audiovisual content, which will open many doors in the workplace. A multidisciplinary training in which you will specialize in tasks related to different media, such as production, scripting or program design.

The Master in Audiovisual Production of the UFV includes in its academic program an International Week that will take place from April 8 to 11, 2019. This program combines academic sessions with business and cultural visits, in order to generate a unique space in the field of higher education, which facilitates mobility and allows strengthening the network of professional and personal relationships of the student through a methodology focused on the person, and provoking reflection and openness to other realities.

Study audiovisual production in Madrid with the Universidad Francisco De Vitoria and fulfill your goals as a professional radio and television. We will wait for you!

* Master's degree with favorable report of renewal of the accreditation by the Madrid ID Foundation with the qualification of its teaching staff as EXCELLENT.

Objectives and Competencies

The Master's in Production and Realization in Radio and Television aims to train students to master the techniques of direction, production, production and audiovisual management applicable to audiovisual and multimedia productions. From the professional perspective, it is about giving the student a specialized formation in techniques of Production and Realization in Radio and TV.


On-line methodology

The methodology focuses on the method of active participation through which the teacher carries out a constant interpellation and dialogue with the students opening after the exhibition a colloquium in order to deepen the subject. The teaching practice enhances the acquisition of knowledge through learning by discovery, the reproduction of real experiences, the debate, the resolution of practical cases, participation in ongoing professional activities, etc., which makes the participants protagonists of their own professional development.

Access and Admission

You can apply for admission to the Master through the online admission platform. The Universidad Francisco De Vitoria sets admission criteria for each master's degree. In the case of the University Master's Degree in Production and Realization in Radio and Television, you must request an appointment with a member of the Academic Committee of the Master on any of the dates established for that purpose.

The application for admission to a UFV Postgraduate program does not entail any cost.

Both to start the admission process and to reserve a place , it will not be necessary for the candidate to have finished his degree studies.

In order to enroll in a UFV Postgraduate program, the candidate must prove that they have completed their 10th grade studies before the beginning of the classes. In case the student has not finished his degree studies on the 1st of the month of the start of the classes of his program, the UFV will reimburse him the amount paid to reserve his place in the master (previous official documentary justification).

Admission profile

  • Graduates or university graduates interested in training in audiovisual communication.
  • Especially indicated for graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations.

Foreign students whose native language is not Spanish must demonstrate a B2 level of this language through official certification with an age not exceeding 5 years and submitted before enrollment in the Master.

Why does it prepare you?

  • You will become a professional with a polyvalent profile, which will allow you to tackle tasks in the field of production, scripting and design of audiovisual programs, or the creation and broadcasting of radio and television programs.
  • You will master the techniques of direction, realization, production and audiovisual management applicable to audiovisual and multimedia productions.
  • You will be able to carry out TV and radio programs in any format and work in the different areas of the preparation and planning of audiovisual content.
  • You will specialize in broadcasting programs, coordinating and producing content, or designing program formats and radio and television channels.


The program includes 325 hours of practices that aim to provide the experience and skills necessary for professional practice. The student will be integrated into the work teams of these institutions as a professional.

The aim of the external practices of the University Master is to acquire experience and master the skills and abilities necessary for professional practice. It is precisely the practicum that allows applying the theoretical knowledge acquired in the other subjects. For this, it is necessary that the student is immersed in the life of a company for a period of time.

The practice centers are awarded according to the profile and interests of the students; according to his experience and qualities, the company is awarded where the student will do his practices. During the practices, the student is assigned two tutors: Business Tutor and Tutor of the University for follow-up.

The Company, by agreement, is committed to the monitoring, assessment, support and assessment of the progress of the students, together with the tutor of the University, guaranteeing the guidance and consultation of the student. The tutor of the company will provide an evaluation report at the end of the process that contributes to the evaluation of said students.

Some of the institutions and companies with which the University has signed an agreement to carry out internships are:

  • Telefónica Broadcast Services SLU
  • Boomerang TV
  • Cuarzo Producciones SL
  • Telemadrid TV
  • Radio Onda Madrid
  • The Other TV
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