Master's Degree in Organization Engineering, Project Management and Companies


Program Description

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Together with IBM you will learn to manage the improvement of operations and the processes that support them.

The only University that prepares you for the 4 most demanded certifications: Project Management Professional, Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Professional Scrum Master, Certified Supply Chain Professional.

  • Faculty of professionals from companies such as IBM, Técnicas Reunidas, Praxair, ING, BBVA, Sopra and Fujitsu.
  • An innovative program because it incorporates new methodologies such as Scrum, Agile, PMBOK, etc.

Why Study Our Master's Degree in Organization Engineering and Project Management and Management?

  • You will learn a methodological approach to business management.
  • A master's degree that will teach you a comprehensive methodology to manage and transform organizations from a systematic and engineering approach.
  • We prepare you for the 4 most demanded professional certifications in process engineering, business management and project management: Project Management Professional (PMP), Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Certified Supply Chain Professional ( CSCP).
  • Companies are in the classroom from day one, sharing real cases, training, evaluating and collaborating with your projects to become the professional the market is looking for, because your teachers are active professionals from large multinationals such as Técnicas Reunidas, Praxair, ING, BBVA, Sopra and Fujitsu.
  • Coaching: Includes a program of Comprehensive Development of Management Skills and Development of Competencies.
  • You will be able to carry out your internship in leading companies in our country such as: Indra, Deloitte, ING, Accenture, IBM and KPMG.

Profile of new entry and access routes to the degree

This master's degree is aimed at graduates from the areas of engineering, architecture with or without previous professional experience, who seek to develop competencies in the management of organizations by applying systemic and collaborative approaches. This master is recommended to all those who have a passion for process engineering, business management and project management.

I work in a software company designed and structured an app for field staff. That day we made a tour of our flow and could not miss a shot of our work :)


Module 1. Operations Management
Module 2. Operations Management
Module 3. Strategic Management and Innovation
Module 4. Project management
  • Operations Management and SCM
  • Demand forecast
  • Supply Management
  • Production planning
  • Distribution and transportation. Storage
  • Quality and Customer Service
  • Objective test
  • Strategic management cases
  • Design thinking case
  • Participatory assistance
  • Process Engineering Fundamentals
  • DMAIC phase 1: Define
  • DMAIC phase 2: Measure
  • DMAIC phase 3: Analyze
  • DMAIC phase 4: Improve
  • DMAIC phase 5: Control
  • Preparation for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification by the IASSC
  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Initiation and Planning Processes
  • Monitoring, Control and Closing Processes
  • Risk management
  • Communication and leadership
  • PMP certification preparation
Module 5. Project management
Module 6. Financial Management and Management Control
Module 7. Project portfolio management
Module 8. Execution of Agile Projects
  • Objective test
  • Participatory assistance
  • Marketing plan
  • Business finance
  • Fundamental financial concepts
  • Operational finance
  • Structural finance
  • Business Plan
  • Business case (Prepared by IBM)
  • Management Control Management Control II: Management Control Model
  • Automotive sector case: excellence in the Cost Model
  • Overview and framework
  • Portfolio definition
  • Optimize the value of the Portfolio, Monitor and Control. Value development
  • Lean and Agile Porfolio Mgt. Obeya Room a visual management method. GTD. Prioritization and Personal Effectiveness
  • Agile concepts and fundamentals
  • Agile Initiative Planning: Lean Portfolio
  • Agile initiation of initiatives: Inception deck
  • Agile Initiation of Initiatives: User Story Mapping
  • Scrum Principles and Artifacts
  • Scrum execution and ceremonies
  • Preparation for Professional Scrum Master I certification from
Module 9. Master's Final Project
Module 10. Research Itinerary
Module 10 A1. Research Itinerary
Module 10 A2. Management and Personal Skills
Final Master's Project Research Itinerary Research Itinerary Management and Personal Skills

Connection with the company

In the University Master's Degree in Organization, Project Management and Companies we have collaboration agreements between the European University and prestigious companies with which students will be able to develop their Final Master's projects in real projects proposed by the same companies and have the help and advice from specialists in the sector, the same who in some cases will be your teachers:

  • IBM
  • Official College of Industrial Engineers
  • Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers
  • Gathered techniques
  • Praxair
  • ING
  • BBVA
  • Sopra
  • Fujitsu

Professional practices

You will carry out your professional practices in companies in the sector. These practices are part of the academic content of the program and are evaluated as part of the training. Professional internships are a unique opportunity to transfer the content and skills developed in the master's degree to the daily work in a company.

If you opt for the professional itinerary, you will be able to do internships in prestigious companies, such as IBM, Indra, Deloitte, ING, Accenture, IBM and KPMG.

Professional outings

The profile of the graduate of our University Master's Degree in Project Management and Organization Engineering is a professional with knowledge and skills to apply an engineering approach to the management and transformation of organizations, whatever the sector to which they belong.

A professional accustomed to handling the latest techniques for the identification, creation, management, implementation and continuous improvement of projects, products and services. In addition, thanks to the Comprehensive Development of Management Skills and Competencies Development program, you will be able to lead and transform organizations, from an innovative, global, multidisciplinary and international scope.

Upon completion of the Master, the student will be prepared to occupy one of the following positions within the company:

  • Quality Manager
  • Project office director
  • Process engineer

Admission process

The admission process for the programs of the Graduate School of the European University is open throughout the year, although enrollment in any of the programs is subject to the existence of vacancies.

If you want personalized advice from the Postgraduate admissions team, you can go to any of our campuses located in Alcobendas or Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid), or contact us through:

Telephone (+34) 91 740 72 72 or by e-mail

After informing you, you must provide the required documentation:

  • Admission request
  • Copy of DNI or NIE
  • Copy of university degree
  • CV

The admissions team will guide you in your professional future and will arrange an interview with the director of your degree to evaluate your candidacy.


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Student of the Degree in Computer Engineering

"The classrooms spread the passion for the subjects taught and create a professional environment that prepares you for your future."

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Student of the Degree in Computer Engineering

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Born after an extensive analysis of the profiles that companies look for today and what they will demand tomorrow, Universidad Europea Postgraduate School with IBM launched in 2019 with the aim to edu ... Read More

Born after an extensive analysis of the profiles that companies look for today and what they will demand tomorrow, Universidad Europea Postgraduate School with IBM launched in 2019 with the aim to educate professionals with a background combining business and technology. Read less