Master's Degree in Strategic Management of International Trade


Program Description

The Master's Degree in Strategic Management of International Trade provides the necessary tools to successfully overcome the challenges that the company faces when undertaking its internationalization process.

Thanks to the most innovative methodologies, professional practices and consulting projects that they will develop for real companies that need an internationalization plan; our students actively and participatively learn the tools and skills that will allow them to make real decisions in different international settings.

The objective of the Master's Degree in Strategic Management of International Trade is to increase the employability of our student, providing him through a unique experience that facilitates him to understand the globality of the markets and the interrelation between the areas and departments of the multinational company.

The Master includes in the academic program an International Week that will take place from March 30 to April 2, 2020. The formation of this program combines academic sessions with business and cultural visits, in order to create a unique space in the field of Postgraduate higher education, which facilitates mobility and enables the strengthening of a network of professional and personal relationships through a methodology centered on the person, and provoking reflection and openness to other realities.

Objectives and competencies

The Master's Degree in Strategic Management of International Trade is multidisciplinary in nature and is aimed at training authentic professionals in the sector. The complexity of the managerial role in international trade is approached from an integrative perspective based on training in different disciplines, abilities and skills in order to comprehensively train the student.

In general, the Master's objective is to teach students to:

  • Create your own company or join the board of directors of an already established one. For this, the student will acquire the essential knowledge in all the areas of International Commerce that a company manager must know and manage.
  • Coordinate and control foreign trade operations taking into account their total costs, so that better resource management is achieved, which will provide greater efficiency and profitability for the company.
  • Acquire specialized and global knowledge of the role that different business aspects of international business play.


The methodology focuses on the method of active participation through which the teacher carries out a constant interpellation and dialogue with the students opening after the exhibition a colloquium in order to deepen the subject. The teaching practice enhances the acquisition of knowledge through learning by discovery, the reproduction of real experiences, the debate, the resolution of practical cases, participation in ongoing professional activities, etc., which makes the participants protagonists of their own professional development.

Access and admission

To start the admission process the following documents are requested:

  • Scanned ID;
  • Title (or certificate issued by the educational center if you have not yet been awarded the title);
  • Academic record. Breakdown of subjects and grades.

Once the application for Admission has been completed, it will go to the Admissions Committee, which meets every Wednesday and Friday, together with the evaluation of the profile by the advisory team.

Within 24 or 48 hours after the Admissions Committee meeting, you will receive an email informing you of the Admissions Committee's resolution on your application and the amount of your scholarship, if you have requested it. If you are admitted, you have 15 to 30 days from receipt of the resolution of the Admissions Committee to accept your scholarship and guarantee your place by paying the registration fees. Only at this moment does the candidate become firmly committed to carrying out his program with us. If after this period of time the entry has not been made, the candidate will be considered to resign his / her scholarship and it will be automatically awarded to another applicant candidate.

The UFV International Business School awards 50 scholarships every year to students who, due to academic and professional excellence, due to financial need or geographic mobility, prove to be worthy of the award. The scholarships vary between 20% and 50% based on the assessment of the Admissions Committee, as well as the selected program and the reasons stated in the application for admission by the candidate. The scholarship application is made through the online Application for Admission previously described. These scholarships are 100% compatible with any scholarship awarded by another public or private institution but incompatible with any scholarship program in which the Foundation of Our Educational Institution participates.

Admission profile

The Master's Degree in Strategic Management of International Trade is aimed at young talents and experienced professionals who want to develop their professional career in the area of International Trade.

To access this Master, students must be in possession of a university degree, since it is a master's degree that does not necessarily require a specific university degree, higher degrees related to the areas of Business Administration and Management, Business, Economics, Law , and Marketing and Engineering facilitate the student's study of the master's degree, but not exclusively. However, for higher degrees not related to these areas, they will have to carry out training supplements. In the event that the demand exceeds the supply, the degrees related to the master will have priority over those that are not.

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Why does it prepare you?

  • You will acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to carry out your professional activity on an international stage.
  • You will discuss in depth the role that the different areas of the company play in international transactions and business.
  • You will learn, through our innovative methodology, to make decisions appropriate to the reality of the current international environment.
  • You will design and execute an internationalization plan.
  • You will identify the most important risks in international business.
  • You will formulate contracts for international trade operations.
  • You will generate penetration strategies in new markets.
  • You will understand how international financing works.
  • You will manage the different possibilities of international logistics.
  • You will know in depth methods of market research.
  • You will understand the operation of customs policies.
  • You will master international taxation and its applications.


The program includes mandatory professional practices in entities or companies from different sectors. The objective of the Master's practices is to gain experience and master the skills and abilities necessary for professional practice. It is precisely the practicum that allows applying the theoretical knowledge acquired in the rest of the subjects. For this, it is necessary that the student is immersed in the life of a company for a period of time.

In the case of being able to accredit professional experience carried out in the field of international trade of the company for a minimum of 16 months, the student may request the Recognition of credits of the subject of External Practices I (12 ECTS). For this, it is necessary to request it before the start of the Master and present the documentation indicated on the application form. (Internships as a fellow in a company are NOT recognized).

The practice centers are awarded according to the profile of the students; Depending on their experience and qualities, the company where the student will do their practices is awarded. During the practicals, the student is assigned two tutors: Business Tutor and University Tutor for follow-up.

The Company, by agreement, is committed to the monitoring, assessment, support and assessment of the progress of the students, together with the tutor of the University, guaranteeing the guidance and consultation of the student. The tutor of the company will provide an evaluation report at the end of the process that contributes to the evaluation of said students.

Upon completion of external internships, all agents involved in the internship process will evaluate satisfaction with said process.

Some of the companies where the students carry out their external practices are:

  • Commercial Office of Peru in Madrid
  • Silexip Consulting SL
  • Cortefiel
  • Maritima Davila
  • The English Court
  • Yacht Consultancy
  • Yiwu Exchange Foundation
  • Bufete Quecedo Abogados
  • Satecma Chemical Industries
  • Combalia Agencia Maritima
  • Inditext Logistics
  • AM Shangde Fashion- Accessories
  • Geteth Network, SLU
  • Raminatrans
  • Icraites
  • Modespress SL
  • Wottoline
  • Kuehne & Nagel
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