Le Management des Affaires en Contexte Europeen


Program Description

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is regarded as the most important economics and business faculty throughout the Western region of Romania for the high quality of its academic community as well as for the quality of its academic programs. The educational offer is diverse and designed to provide a wide variety of opportunities for its students. The largest department of the faculty is the Department of Management, aiming at encouraging students to achieve excellence by offering first class information, training opportunities and professional development as to become competent and competitive, adaptable to any organizational environment.

The master program Business Management in the European Context (MACE) is a 2-year study program, in collaboration with the Lille 1 University - Science and Technology. The students enrolled in this study program have the possibility to study for one semester at IAE Lille, within the Master program MSG – General management of Business Units. After a successful completion of this mobility, students will receive a double diploma in the field of management.

The study program Business Management in the European Context offers a high training in the domain of international business management and intercultural management.

Main course titles

  • European policies. Single Market.
  • International business management.
  • Enterprise environment and strategies.
  • European projects management.
  • Strategic and relational marketing of an SME.
  • International financial and industrial strategy.
  • Business communication and negotiation.
  • Innovation management and risk management.
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership.
  • Internship stage.

Potential labor market positions following graduation

Job opportunities: Manager responsible for operational units, franchise network facilitator, product manager, management consultant High degree of employability in multinational companies and international bodies

The objective of the MACE double-diploma master program in collaboration with IAE of Lille is to train managers having a holistic approach of the organization in order to implement in a practical, adaptive and evolutive manner the acquired knowledge.

The West University of Timisoara is one of the accredited universities in Romania to organize the Preparatory Year of Romanian Language. This language course is mandatory for students who wish to study in Romanian language and don’t have a language certificate in this sense. During the Preparatory Year students acquire the requisite knowledge of Romanian language as well and specific knowledge correlated with future training profile (anatomy, physics, chemistry, drawing technical etc.) if the curriculum is organized in Romanian.

The link to the program is here.

Last updated Aug 2019

About the School

Universitatea de Vest din Timi?oara (UVT) / West University of Timi?oara (WUT) is the main higher education institution and research center in Western Romania.

Universitatea de Vest din Timi?oara (UVT) / West University of Timi?oara (WUT) is the main higher education institution and research center in Western Romania. Read less