LLM in Law and Government of the European Union


Program Description

Promoted jointly by the LUISS School of Government and and LUISS School of Law, this second level advanced master focuses on European Union (EU) legal, institutional and policy issues. The process of Europeanization calls into question the separation between domestic and European legal and policies regimes. This advanced second-level master provides the necessary training to enable graduates in legal and policy affairs to operate in this new context within EU institutions; law firms and private companies; public and private organizations; NGOs and non-profit associations; regional and national institutions; regulatory and consultancy agencies; banks and financial institutions.

This program is jointly directed by Prof. Angela Del Vecchio, Full Professor of EU Law at LUISS Department of Law, and Prof. Sergio Fabbrini, Director of the LUISS School of Government and Full Professor of Political Science at the LUISS Department of Political Science.

Prof. Daniele Gallo, qualified as Associate Professor of International and EU Law, and Dr. Mattia Guidi, a post-doctoral fellow in Political Science, act as deputy directors.

The two Directors of the Master program will recommend the best top 3 students of the program for an internship of the length of 2-6 months as part of the staff of one of the Chambers of the European Court of Justice.

Application deadline 29 September 2016.

Program Structure

The master consists of:

  • 10 core courses (200 hours)
  • 4 elective courses (at least 80 hours)
  • Active participation to guest professional seminars organized by the LUISS Department of Law and LUISS School of Government and laboratories mainly focused on case law in the area of EU criminal law, company law, migration and legal drafting.

Core Courses

These courses are mandatory for all participants

  • History of European Integration
  • The Systems of Governance of the European Union
  • Policies and Policy Making Structures in the EU
  • EU Legal Order and the Primacy of EU Law
  • EU Judicial Order
  • Legal Aspects of EU Institutions
  • The Substantive Law of the EU: The Four Freedoms
  • EU Internal Market and Competition Policies
  • Law of the External Relations of the EU
  • EU Trade Policy

Elective Courses

Participants are expected to complete at least 4 among these electives courses divided into the following two categories.

EU Public Policy electives

  • Migration and Security in the Mediterranean Area
  • European Common and Security and Defence Policy
  • Cohesion policies in the EU
  • Economic Crisis and Democracy in Europe
  • European Energy and Economic Policy
  • Respective roles of the Member States and Institutions in EU major policy areas
  • The Economics of the European Economic and the Monetary Union

EU Legal Electives

  • EU Administrative Law
  • EU Energy and Environmental Law
  • The Law of the European Economic and the Monetary Union
  • European Constitutionalism: Theories and Experiences
  • EU Competition Law
  • EU Social Law
  • Representation of Interests in the EU: Legal and Political Aspects

Participants will also participate in two additional courses in:

  • EPSO Preparation course for EPSO Selections
  • Project Cycle Management for EU funded projects

Participants are also expected to complete a 20.000-word, final dissertation under the supervision of a member of the faculty of the Master course.

Following the successful completion of the academic requirements, students will gain 60 ECTS and be awarded the title of Second Level Master Degree in Law and Government of the European Union.

This program has been developed in line with national approaches to LLM in Europe as to facilitate their acceptance. Therefore, an LLM mention is available to participants provided that they fulfill the following requisites:

  • Having completed full undergraduate degree in Law (for Italian candidates this is comparable to Laurea a ciclio Unico in Giurisprudenza) prior to the starting of the program
  • Choose 4 elective courses from the category “EU Legal Electives”.
  • Complete a master thesis on a topic associated to the core courses or one of the “EU Legal Electives”.

Career Opportunities

The Master’s student composition is diverse in terms of national background, disciplines, and interests. This creates an environment where excellence and diversity are jointly connected, making the recent graduates standing out in the current complex job market. The strong EU legal and policy background will provide the basis for a successful career in:

  • European institutions
  • National and international law firms
  • In-house legal offices of private sector organizations with direct contacts with EU institutions
  • Public Affairs consultancies
  • Foundations and NGOs
  • National and international think tanks.


Tuition fees for the MA/LLM in Law and Government of the European Union have been fixed at € 8.500.

Tuition fees are to be paid in two installments.

The first installment will be returned should the School of Government decide not to activate the course; students who do not complete the course are still liable for the full payment of the course.

Last updated Jan 2018

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