International Master's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geomechanics in Mining

Camara Minera Del Peru

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International Master's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geomechanics in Mining

Camara Minera Del Peru

  • Start: October 22, 2018
  • Modality: Virtual
  • Duration: 02 Years
  • Case Analysis: Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Chile


The graduate of the Master Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geomechanics in Mining , will be able to design and implement effective techniques of rock mechanics and soil for the development and execution of exploration and exploitation projects of underground and surface mineral deposits . Emphasis will be given to the stimulation of research and development of new technologies to provide geomechanical and geotechnical solutions more effective for development, sustainability and profitability of mining operations, explaining the current legislation and regulations both in the international arena and in representative countries of the region.

Duration and Modality

02 Years approximately, Virtual.


The Mining Chamber of Peru will grant the international certification to the graduate that meets all the necessary requirements.

The Postgraduate School of the National University of Huancavelica will grant on behalf of the Nation the Degree of Master's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geomechanics in Mining.

Our Master's Degree is recognized in 110 countries that are part of the Apostille Convention of The Hague.

What makes us different

SociaLearning 4.0: We have developed learning tools based on cooperation through social networks to find solutions to problems and case studies promoting interaction between people where they are forming dynamic knowledge exchange networks.

Integrative Work: Allows the participant to apply the topics learned in the workplace with the requirement that this impacts the mining business and not only in one process.

VirtuaLab 4.0: More than 13 years of experience in the development of mining training tools have led our IDI area to create CAMIPER VirtuaLab 4.0 where participants can enter a simulation environment of practical cases, collect data and move forward after having achieved certain tasks related to the research of the thematic area, providing a unique environment that stimulates learning. It is complemented with analysis of reports, photos, videos and statistics.

Collaborative Forum: Promotes the exchange of experiences with professionals in Latin America with what you will achieve to enrich your knowledge.

Virtual Mine 3.5 ®

  • Double your training by eliminating time on topics that are not of interest.
  • Interaction with our consultant.
  • Easy access.
  • High quality slides
  • Unlimited access
  • Optimize costs and times.
  • Access to statistics and reports.

Technical Committee: "The best professionals in the first Mining Training Organization"


The Master's Program in Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geomechanics in Mining, consists of 20 compulsory courses and 6 seminars with a total of 80 Credits.

Cycle I:

  • Strategic Planning in Mining
  • Characterization and Tensodeformacional Study of the Rocky Massif
  • Hydraulic Characteristics of Interest in Mining and Computational Hydrogeological Modeling
  • Breakage Criteria, Geotechnical Control and Sustainability in Underground Mining
  • Geomechanics Applied to the Planning and Exploitation of Deposits in Underground Mining
  • Design of Tunnels, Galleries and Pillars in Underground Mining
  • Analysis and Control of Rock Bursts

Cycle II:

  • Slope Stability Analysis I
  • Slope Stability Analysis II
  • Design of tailings and tailings ponds
  • Controlled Blasting, Vibrational Analysis and Seismology Applied to the Stability of the Rocky Massif in Underground and Surface Mining
  • Seminar - Research Workshop I
  • Seminar - Research Workshop II

Cycle I II :

  • Maintenance Costs and Service Operations in Underground Mining
  • Slope Stability Costs and Service Operations in Surface Mining
  • Advanced Structural Geology
  • Soil Mechanics Applied in Mining
  • Water Study and its Application in Mining Geotechnics
  • Seminar - Research Workshop III
  • Seminar - Research Workshop IV

Cycle IV:

  • Tests in Laboratory and Geotechnical Instrumentation.
  • Geotechnical Engineering Applied to the Design of Excavations in Underground Mining.
  • Geotechnical Engineering Applied to Slope Stability
  • Modeling and Simulation Applied to Geotechnical Engineering Mining
  • International Seminar of Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Geomechanics Mining

"We have created the contents and virtual teaching materials with the collaboration of professionals with extensive work experience and international training who will accompany him from his training."

Testimonials from Latin America

"I want to congratulate the Mining Chamber of Peru for the immediate availability to attend the questions asked of the Geological Engineering Master's Degree that I am currently carrying ", Ing. Ricardo Valda Tapia, Senior Geologist, SERGEOMIN, Peru - 2018

"I recommend CAMIPER for the degree of speakers it has in terms of master's degrees, diplomas and other specialization courses offered," Mr. Marco González González, Corporate Head, CAM Peru SA, Peru - 2018

"What I learned I could apply daily. I had constant help and quick solutions ", Ing. Pablo Gurrola, General Manager, Minera Excellon, Mexico - 2016

"I am very satisfied with CAMIPER because of its flexible schedules and its quality of advice", Eng. Edwin Espinoza, Security and Environment Manager, Tecnosa, Peru - 2015

"I recommend CAMIPER for its excellent teachers and low investment cost", Ing. Raul Ríos, Head of Security and Environment, Cementos Pacasmayo, Peru - 2015

"It gave me good tools to perform better in my workplace", Ing. Carlos Giustozzi, General Manager, Geopehuen Servicios Geologicos, Argentina - 2015

"He has supported us a lot since he has always updated us in the courses they dictate", Ing. Horestes Tirado, Superintendent of Industrial Safety, Minera Manquiri, Bolivia - 2015

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Online
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Start date
Oct. 2019
2 years
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Peru - La Molina, Lima Region
Start date : Oct. 2019
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Oct. 2019
Peru - La Molina, Lima Region
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